Candied watermelon peels

You can prepare a simple but very tasty delicacy from a product that is usually sent to the garbage, we are talking about watermelon peels. Watermelon rind candies can replace any factory-made sweets to their taste, and leave them far behind in terms of the content of beneficial substances, because in addition to sugar, candied fruits contain vitamins and minerals.
 Candied Watermelon Crust
Required: peel watermelon peeled 2 kg; sugar 0.7 kg; liter of water; powdered sugar or sugar for sprinkling 50 g. 1. Peel cleaned with a knife from the top green layer.
 Candied Watermelon Crust
2. We cut them into cubes or cubes.
 Candied Watermelon Crust
3. Dissolve sugar in warm water and put watermelon peel pieces there.
 Candied Watermelon Crusts
4. Hold on the stove until candied fruits become transparent. It usually takes about half an hour.The process can be carried out in two stages, after the first heating to a boil, cool the syrup with crusts for a couple of hours, then heat once more and cook for 15 minutes. 5. Put the pieces on a sieve, let the syrup drain completely.
 Candied Watermelon Crusts
6. Spread the watermelon candied fruits in one row to dry, it is convenient to do it on sheets of baking paper.
 Candied Watermelon Crusts
If there is too much glass on a sheet syrup, then after three hours it can be replaced with a new one. 7. Dry candied watermelon peels for at least 24 hours in the open air. The process can be slightly speeded up by placing sheets with candied fruits on a baking sheet and placing them in a warm, 40-45 degrees oven. 8. Dried candied fruits sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar. 9.Store in a dry place, in closed jars or boxes.
 Candied Watermelon Crust

Candied watermelon peels can be served for tea or used when baking cupcakes, cakes, pies.

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