Car pillow toy

We very often lately are faced with the problem of choosing a gift, especially as regards men. First, to give something concrete and necessary, you need to know the preferences of a person very well. Secondly, sometimes it turns out that a person has absolutely everything, and in order to surprise him you need a rather substantial amount for a rare collection item. Well, and, thirdly, it’s just that you will not be able to give any nonsense either, since it will be thrown out and not even be remembered. And a gift, after all, is a gift to please a person, surprise and congratulate. As a good and interesting gift idea, you can consider a toy pillow. This is a very relevant gift for car owners, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a woman or a man. Pillow options may be different. They can be square, round, triangular, with different pictures and images, for example, a road sign with a picture inside or a picture with a car emblem.That's very useful to give a man a pillow with a picture of a Nissan, if he has a car of this model. It will lie behind the car under glass and will beautifully complement the interior and interior design of the car. And not to look for such a long and tedious pillows in the store and on the Internet, you can do it to your taste with your own hands. Any picture or emblem can be printed on the fabric in the photo salons. Now this service is quite popular, so you can easily find such a salon. You make a selection of pictures from the Internet, and then print it on the fabric. So, now we will sew such a toy pillow. To make a toy pillow, we will need to take: • Black and white gabardine 0.5 meters; • White and black non-woven fabric 0.5. • A printed picture of the Nissan X-Trail machine logo on a white gabardine; • Sintepon filler in circles; • Scissors, white threads and a needle, ruler.
 Car toy pillow
 Automotive pillow toy
So, our pillow will consist of two parts, the pillow itself and its pillowcase, on which will be the picture .We cut two squares of 42 * 42 cm from white gabardine. We take 2 cm for the sewing allowance. We prepared these squares for sewing the pillow itself.
 Car pillow toy
 Automotive pillow toy
For a pillowcase cut a black square from gabardine 43 * 43 cm, and the second part of the pillowcase will be with a picture and a size of 43 * 53 cm. Also we take allowances for stitching of 2 cm, and one side is larger than the other by 10 cm for the interior of the pillowcase. For the pillowcase we also cut off such pieces of black and white nonwoven.  Car pillow toy  Automotive pillow toy For a pillow, also cut off two white squares flizelina .

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