Cardboard cake is the most modern greeting

Cardboard cake is an original and interesting way to congratulate a person who is dear to you. In the modern world are becoming popular gifts made or made by hand. But in order to create something you need a certain skill. Cardboard cake is simple in execution and at the same time allows you to show creativity, giving your gift originality and individuality. This gift carries the function of a greeting card, but unlike a card, your greeting will remain unforgettable. The cake is suitable for any celebration, be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday, child birth, Defenders of Fatherland Day, March 8, and others. For making a cake from cardboard, you need colored cardboard. It is better to buy cardboard, which is sold in large sheets, but also cardboard in packs will do. If you are lucky and you find a cardboard with a pattern, it will be even better. Scissors.For gluing the design of the cake will be needed glue stick, suitable for gluing cardboard. Small items for wishes, on wishes we will stop later. Ribbons, bows, word beads are all that you would like to see as decoration for your cake. 1. Prepare a template for making pieces of cake.
Cake from cardboard - the most modern greeting
2. Circle the template, putting it on a sheet of colored cardboard. The cake will consist of twelve pieces, therefore, we make twelve pieces.
 Cardboard cake is the most modern greeting
3. Bend the workpiece along the fold lines, glue them in places for gluing.
 A cardboard cake is the most modern greeting
4. We put a souvenir-wish into each resulting box, we write a wish on a piece of paper.
Cake from cardboard - the most modern congratulation
It can be: - a small shell - I wish you pleasant journeys, - a coffee seed - I wish you a vigorous morning, - a money bill twisted in a little pipe - I wish wealth, - a heart - I wish love, - a dummy - I wish an addition in the family, - candy - I wish a sweet life, - watch - favorable changes, - a turtle figure - I wish for a long life, - button - I wish for new things - figurine of a dog - I wish true friends - battery - I wish for vigor - matryoshka - I wish you rest in the village 5. Putting the “pieces” together, we tie them up with an elegant braid.
 Cake from cardboard is the most modern congratulation
5. We proceed to decorating the cake, here are special There are no recommendations, it can be chocolate, fruit or floral, show your imagination.
 A cardboard cake is the most modern greeting
7 . Come up with holiday packaging - your congratulations are ready!
 Cardboard cake is the most modern greeting

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