Cardboard Scraper

Greetings to all lovers of Murok and Vasek! We want to share a budget way how to please a pet. We bring to your attention such a necessary thing in your home as a column-scraper. It is unlikely that anyone doubts its necessity. The instinct of scarring in cats is not taken away. They love to scratch and do it during the game, when they dangle to mark the territory or leave a warning signal to their relatives. Their claws need regular sharpening, and cats grind them on suitable surfaces to remove worn, dead outer plates. Unfortunately, this behavior of pets often causes significant damage to furniture, walls, draperies and carpeting.

How to cope with feline habits

The best tactic in the fight against scratching - do not try prevent the cat from scratching and teaching it where and what to scratch. The perfect solution is to put at its disposal suitable, attractive surfaces and objects, such as a scratching post.
Scratch of cardboard
Our budgetary scraper made of cardboard. This material was chosen for the following reasons:
  • accessibility (no need to spend money, you can put unnecessary boxes in the case, which will always be at hand);
  • safety and environmental friendliness;
  • ease of processing;
  • cats like to shred cardboard / paper.
The scratching column in the photo is embedded in the cat tree (also self-made). (2.jpg) Here is a step-by-step guide to making this scraper, consisting of only 4 simple steps.

Materials and fixtures

This project will need total -only:
  • corrugated cardboard (used for the manufacture of packaging materials);
  • threaded rod;
  • 2 washers;
  • 2 nuts.
Required tools:
  • drill,
  • scissors,
  • wrench for nuts.
Scarf Cardboard

Circles from cardboard

Draw circles on the cardboard, then cut them using scissors.
cardboard scraper
Scraper from cardboard
With a threaded rod, pierce the cardboard circle in the center.Then passes the second circle, the third, etc. This process can be automated as follows: install the threaded rod into the drill, turn it on and put on cardboard circles.
cardboard scraper
Scarf Cardboard

Installing a cat tree

Drill 2 holes in a cat tree or in two pieces of wood where you are going to install a scraper. It can simply be mounted on some hard, stable base. Cardboard Claw
Claw from cardboard

Closing stage

Install the claw back into place and secure with nuts. Pay particular attention to the stability of the design, because she will have to withstand any feline emotions. Also correctly calculate the height of the column. It should be sufficient for the cat to be able to stretch out to its full height.
Scraps from cardboard
That's it, you're done! Here is a convenient device for carding claws. Fast and cheap.We hope your cat will like a new place for scratching, and she will gladly use it like a cat, which is shown in the photo.
cardboard scraper
cardboard scraper
Kogtetochka from cardboard
This design and can be updated without difficulty, as soon as this becomes necessary.

Where to place

Place to place the column- scraper choose where your pet is most often seen for such a destructive occupation as damage to the owner's property: near the chair, sofa, at the door, etc. To attract the cat's attention to the gift, perfume it with something attractive to its scent, for example, catnip. You can hang toys on it. Thank you for reading our post. If you like, or maybe you want to ask questions or advise something, leave a comment.

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