Carpet Types

If someone thinks that the carpets are all the same, it is deeply mistaken, because the existence over many centuries has led to its extreme diversity. They can be divided conditionally:

- to destination - for walls and floor;

- by production method - handmade, machine, manufactory;

- by type of materials - wool, silk, acrylic;

- according to the height of the pile - nap (challah) and lint-free (kilim and sumah). These two species are considered major.

The most popular and convenient in everyday life are considered to be non-bloomers, which originate from the most ordinary mat, the harsh wicker surface of which was “softened” by tying the villi to its front side. Buy shaggy carpets in an online store at affordable prices.

As already mentioned, the lint-free ones are divided into two types - into kilims and sumachs. In translation from Turkish, "Kilim" translates as "cover for the sexes," although originally this Persian word sounded like "gilim", but with the same meaning.

For kilims is characterized by the absence of the wrong side,and therefore this coating can be used both on the front and on the seamy side - the picture will look equally bright and beautiful. Kilims cover the floor, decorate the walls, use as a tablecloth and even as a bedspread. Such coatings are very good and easy to clean from dirt and they do not leave traces of heavy furniture.

Sumy are the same kilims, only they have the wrong side. Sisal is a fiber for making kilims and soups, very durable, made from plants that grow in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, East Africa. Lint-free - ideal for residential areas such as kitchens, hallways, verandas, country and summer houses.

Pile more familiar to the European inhabitant. Although there are also many varieties of such "fluffy" products. One of the most inexpensive and popular is considered a loopback, which can also be divided into multi-level and single-level. In multilevel loops they form an embossed pattern due to their different lengths.

This requires careful and at the same time delicate care, careful storage, it cannot be crushed, as a beautiful relief pattern in this case will disappear.In a single-level - all loops are not cut and of equal length. In velor pile short and cut, creating a beautiful and smooth surface. Buy carpet dune taffeta you can in our online store rugs.

These are easy to maintain, but dirt is very visible on them. The scroll is a multilevel multicolored thread. In Saxony - shorn pile, which has a characteristic "granular" surface, the most popular and fashionable is the one with a high and coarse pile. Excellent sintelon carpets, highly recommend for purchase.

Cut-loop (cut-loop) cut high loops are combined with uncut low loops and frieze curly, high and strongly twisted pile. The frieze carpets are beautiful, but quite problematic in the care, and besides, any spots are noticeable on such.

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