A game complex for cats

Buying a small purring pet, the future owners spend a lot of money to create comfortable conditions for them, such as sunbeds, mattresses, scratching posts, toys, etc. One of the best decisions of such accomplishment is a gaming complex. Pet stores offer models of different sizes, complete sets and colors, it remains only to choose and buy. True, a large and beautiful complex is quite expensive, and shipping to the region can cost as much as the complex itself, and it is not always possible to find what you want. In this case, you should arm yourself with the simplest tools, materials, patience and imagination, and create a complex with your own hands.
 Cottage House for a Cat
Consider an example creating such a complex. The complex for the Don Sphynx was conceived, the active kitten who loves to climb curtains and furniture, therefore the complex had to be made large enough, stable and as functional as possible.To this end, two plastic plumbing pipes of 2 m each with a diameter of 10 cm and two pipes with a diameter of 5 cm (2 m and 1 m) were purchased. Two coils of hemp rope, 10 m each, jute twine in 3 strands, several reels. Plywood 10 mm, two sheets 0.8 x 1.2 m. Carpet with a long split pile of 1 m 4 m wide, carpet with a loop pile was not considered, the material is quite traumatic for cat claws. Metal console 10cm x 15 cm, self-tapping screws. Clay Moment Joiner-3 pieces. Metal corners, plates, screws and nuts, if necessary, purchased in the process of work. Fleece leopard colors 3m x 4m. Furniture stapler and staples. A bucket of 20 liters became the basis for a house under the ceiling, a bucket of 15 liters of paint became a play pipe.
 materials and blanks
 plywood sheet with a hole
 sheet is pasted with a cloth
 carpet looped pile cover
 winding pipes of hemp and jute rope
 Shelf for kote
 On the one side of the shelf we wrap a fleece
First you need to mark at what level the shelves will be, according to the layout ikrepit consoles.The next stage is the most time-consuming and laborious - winding pipes with hemp and jute rope. Finished pipes set aside to dry, at this time preparing the shelves. Cut out plywood shelves of the desired size and shape. On the one side of the shelf we wrap a fleece, fasten the edges on glue, on the other hand we fix carpet on the glue and on the furniture stapler. Buckets covered with fleece, inside it is better to insert a carpet. Install finished shelves on the console and fasten to the screws.
 Metal corners

insert the pipe and wind
 Buckets are wrapped in fleece
Two shelves that are installed on thin pipes, we put on metal flanges and dress on labor would. We hang the playing pipe on the string above the shelf. The most difficult connection is the connection of the upper bucket-house to the pipe, where we use a plate, angles and screws + nuts. It is better to close all the joints and nodes with pieces of carpet, the complex will be more elegant. The design turned out to be strong, but somewhat wobbly, so it is desirable to attach the shelves adjacent to the wall to the wall on the console or the corners. The cottage is ready, there is still room for future upgrades: you can add toys, ladders, hammocks, beds, etc.
 Buckets are wrapped in fleece
 Game complex for cats

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