Cedam spite: the most beautiful sandals for summer

Sandals on a small heel

Zara designers experimented with Japanese shoes, and this is what happened: sandals with geometric appliqués and a completely unusual wavy sole with a mini-heel.

Sandals Zara with a small heel

Zara sandals on a small heel (3 999 rubles. Discount)

Sandals in boho style with laces

Anyone who dreams at least once in life to get to the Coachella festival, these sandals are prescribed as an “anti-depressant”: before the next festival is almost a year, so we better arrange something similar to drive in the summer.

Elina Linardaki sandals with boho-colored laces

Sandals Elina Linardaki with colored boho-style laces (13,600 rubles at a discount)

Wicker muesli

These "village" mules struck us to the very heart. In fact, they don’t even look provincial, unless it’s about the French Provence, lavender fields, tops of white lace and baskets.

Wicker mules Massimo Dutti

Wicker mules Massimo Dutti (6 990 rub.)

Platform Sport Sandals

We have already done a review of sports sandals, which will replace sneakers in summer,and in this material we will also add a single pair that meets this tendency: on the platform, in a cheerful blue color and with a futuristic look.

Corso Como Sports Sandals

Sport sandals on the platform Corso Como (1 900 rubles. Discount)

Sleeveless Gladiators on Ties

Artistic shoes for those who are looking for in every thing how to express their own creative thoughts. Tie these sandals on the ankle, if you wear midi and maxi, or braid them to the knees, if you wear a mini.

Gladiator Sandals on Mango Ties

Sandals-gladiators with ties Mango (3,699 rubles)

Sandals on a small heel

We present ideal shoes for working days in the summer like this: not dull, but moderately bright, original, but not to such an extent as to cause a scandal, and (most importantly!) Comfortable, because in the summer it’s like to bathe on 10-centimeter heels I do not want.

Sandals on a small heel Ekonika

Sandals on a small heel Ekonika (5 990 rubles. Discount)

Sandals in a strip on a wicker platform

Shoes in pursuit of all-all summer dresses with a romantic bias. Free striped shirts, dresses with floral prints, and snow-white sundresses, which are indispensable in summer, are also extremely popular in the past warm season.

Bershka striped sandals on a wicker platform

Bershka striped sandals on a wicker platform (1 599 rubles at a discount)

Gladiator sandals from rubber

This spectacular pair has one significant plus and one small minus: such sandals will visually make the legs longer, but the material from which they are made cannot be called the most comfortable for the summer, but it has an affordable price.

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