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Millions of women in the world suffer from the arbitrariness of their second half. Star women - successful, beautiful, rich - also not immune from an unhappy family life. Many people endure beatings of spouses all their life, calming themselves with the saying “Beats - means, loves” In our selection of 20 famous women who are victims of family violence.

Tina Turner and Ike Turner

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17-year-old Anna May Bullock (real name of the singer) fell in love with Rock and Roll star Ike Turner and was sure: her love will work a miracle and sweet will forget about drugs and explosions of aggression. But she was mistaken: during the 16 years of their marriage, Ike not only did not deny himself illegal drugs, but also regularly beat his wife.

Bruises on her face, a broken nose — at some point Tina could not hide the consequences of her husband's caress, everyone knew about her misfortune. In 1976, Tina ran away from an aggressive husband with a few cents in her pocket and hid with friends for a while. The divorce process finally ended only 2 years later.The singer described the terrible details of her married life in her autobiographical book, I, Tina, which was screened.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

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The star of the film “The Bodyguard” (1992) looked and sang so much that it seemed to the fans: the whole world is at the feet of this woman, she simply cannot be unhappy!

But in 2002, at the Oprah Winfrey Show, the star made a series of scandalous confessions: she has been sitting on psychotropic drugs for a long time, and taught her to them ... her husband, singer Bobby Brown.

Their marriage of 14 years in length was a complete disappointment for Whitney: treason, beatings, drugs and constant scandals - this was what her husband gave her instead of happiness.

In 2007, Whitney Houston after a thorough hassle received a long-awaited divorce. And in February 2012, the singer was found dead in a hotel room and was diagnosed posthumously with an overdose of illicit drugs.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

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In 2010, singer Christina Aguilera was hospitalized with a torn lip and numerous hematomas. Her husband Jordan Bratman accompanied her beloved to the hospital and assured everyone that his wife had stumbled unsuccessfully. But, leaving the hospital, Aguilera filed for divorce, telling the whole truth.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

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A blonde doll in a red bathing suit and her run with a rescue float in her hands - everyone who saw Pamela Anderson in “Malibu's Rescuers” will never forget this sight.

However, her ex-husband, rocker Tommy Lee, was not moved by her puppet beauty for long. The marriage of the two stars was short and stormy: Tommy was stubborn in a hop and banged his beautiful wife without any embarrassment. But in the intervals between scandals, both swore to the media that between them is a real passion. The couple then fled, then converged, until Pamela announced to the media that because of the antics, Tommy was afraid for the life and health of her sons and finally left the musician.

Rihanna and Chris Brown

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The famous story of the beating of Rihanna by her beloved Chris Brown in 2009 spread all over the media. The couple quarreled during a trip to the Grammy ceremony, Chris beat the girl, and then put her out of the car, leaving one on the road.

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

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A shocking basketball player and a beautiful actress once succumbed to illusions (and to alcohol couples, as Carmen explained later) that they even got married. Their strange marriage lasted only 9 days. Subsequently, Carmen blamed Dennis for assault, but if you knew more about him, then the actress got off easy.Dennis Rodman is a legendary athlete, but his character is complex: there were reports in the press about his alcohol abuse, including driving, as well as his attacks of aggression.

Mel B and Stephen Delafonte

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Former "peppercorn" also did not pass a heavy disappointment in love. In 2007, she met producer Stephen Delafonte, and a few months later the couple registered a relationship. Judging by the first interview after the wedding, Mel B hoped that she had found her safe haven, she literally idolized Stephen.

But in 2014, there were reports in the media that the ex-member of the “Spice Girls” group had begun the divorce process, but which one! In the lawsuit, Mel B accused her husband of beating her, forced her to have group sex and slept with the nanny of her children. Soon a year, like a couple divorced.

Kerry Otis and Mickey Rourke

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What is famous for the movie "Wild Orchid" (1990)? The fact that in the 90s this movie was considered a real “hymn of passion”, however, like all the films of Zalman King. Still the fact that in this movie you can see Mickey Rourke at the peak of his form and success. And the fact that during the filming of this film, the leading roles of Kerry Otis and Mickey Rourke broke out a crazy novel that led them to the altar. Led, but not to good: the marriage lasted only 6 years.

Carrie often had to mask the bruises behind her dark glasses, which her husband put on her. She lost her job model, was not invited to be removed. Alcohol, drugs, scandals of jealousy - such was the married life of the couple who conquered the audience with their on-screen passion. Once Rourke even broke Carrie's jaw, and this is not the only change she had to heal. A few years after the divorce, Mickey announced in his interviews that only Kerry would love all his life and would like to return her.

Surprisingly, Carrie managed to recover from this destructive relationship, now she is married and has two children.

Christina Orbakaite and Ruslan Baisarov

Photo: Yavorskaya Yana / PhotoXPress.ru

Chechen businessman Ruslan Baisarov constantly beat his wife, singer Kristina Orbakaite. Even when she was in position, he did not stop. Chased her with a knife, locked in a dressing room and allowed himself many other cruel things.

At the same time, no one intervened in the scandal, since Baisarov’s cool temper was known to everyone. Alla Pugacheva told the press about the beatings of her daughter when the spouses, after the divorce, did not share their son, Denis.

Elena Ksenofontova

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The scandal broke out in 2016. Then, a criminal case was brought against Elena Ksenofontov under the article “Hooliganism” for beating her own husband. The very culprit of the hype assures that the situation was completely different: she was the victim, she was twisted her arms, it was she who recorded the injuries inflicted by her husband at the emergency room ...

The star of the Eleon Hotel series defended in court the custody of her daughter from this marriage and won the trial.

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