Cheat sheets for those who crochet

Today, more and more often in newspapers and the Internet you can see ads with the heading "I knit to order." Many are also fond of home knitting, especially moms on maternity leave. Indeed, handicrafts look unusual, models unlike each other attract with their originality.

Interestingly, crocheting originated about 4,000 years ago, and at that time was widely used as a type of embroidery. The hook was successfully replaced by a thin wand, the end of which later acquired a curved shape. This type of knitting was mainly engaged in the stronger sex, the monks were famous for the art of knitting the most beautiful openwork cotton clothes. European women are completely forbidden to take the hook in their hands.

Basic knowledge for beginners

KnittingOnly regular practice in this kind of needlework will help to easily navigate the question “How to learn to crochet?”. Beginners need to remember a few basic rules:

  1. Girls who are fond of any kind of hand-made, are often mistaken, hoping that the very first product will turn out beautiful.Do not forget - it takes time to get used to the hook (as with any other working tool). Fill your hand on flat non-removable things, for example, start by untying a square rug or simple napkins.
  2. Knitting is hard work that requires perseverance and patience. At the initial stage, your eyes may ache, your back and hands ache. If you are tired, take a break. Work in your pleasure, and then you do not have to force yourself every time to sit down for needlework.
  3. If knitting techniques can tell a knowledgeable person, do not hesitate, contact him for help. Visual material is much easier to learn. In the crochet technique, it is enough to become familiar with several types of loops and be able to read diagrams. For beginners it is better to use video on the Internet, video lessons that can be downloaded on special websites for free are a good educational aid.
  4. Selection of tools is an important component of knitting, you need to approach the choice of yarn no less responsibly. You can purchase tools at your nearest fabric store or handicraft shop.At the stage of studying you will need a thread (preferably cotton) and a hook. Seasoned masters also have in their arsenal:
  • hooks of different sizes, depending on the thickness of the yarn;
  • threads;
  • Needles for stitching individual parts of the product;
  • pins, preferably with a bright tip;
  • well sharpened scissors;
  • tape measure.

How to choose a hook and yarn

Hook and yarnWhen knitting may require different hooks, it depends on the pattern and thickness of the product. It must be said that each hook has its advantages and disadvantages. Plastic have electrostatic voltage, bone is short-lived, wood has irregularities, acrylic is fragile. There are bamboo hooks - lightweight and very comfortable, the so-called summer version. But finding a tool made from this material is not easy. Therefore, widespread metal tools (steel or aluminum) are in great demand. Even if the surface of such a hook is not exactly flat, this flaw can be easily fixed with a piece of sandpaper.

Also, the tool is short and long, measured in numbers from 1 to 15.Mark US means that you have an American hook.

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Novices are most suitable hooks number 2 and number 3. Focus on practicality, ease of knitting tool and do not pay attention to appearance. Buy a hook according to the recommendations:

  1. It should not be too sharp, in order to avoid knitter injuries.
  2. Choose a thin tool with the most convenient handle.
  3. Any roughness can ruin the yarn and even tear the fabric.
  4. For light yarn will not fit an aluminum hook, which can dye thing.

Interns should begin to practice knitting cotton merceresis yarn, which is not split into several threads and never twisted.

In other cases, any material is suitable: silk, linen, cotton or wool. Buy yarn thickness corresponding to the completeness of the tool. Do not throw away the labels from the skeins of thread, which contains useful information on the processing and washing of the finished product. Knitted things are also not recommended to be washed in an automatic machine. Such a wash, as well as drying on hangers for clothes, can significantly distort the original appearance.Place a thick towel on the desk and put the thing on top, let it dry naturally.

How to start knitting

To get started, you need to learn to keep knitting tools in hand. Arrange the hook in your hand as if you are holding the handle, while the curved end should “look” strictly in your direction. When tying the loop, “secure” with your thumb the loose part of the thread, with other fingers support the missed part so that the yarn stretches a little and the loops formed are of equal size. Do not squeeze the hook that is urine, otherwise the hand quickly get tired.

Crochet knitting technique is based on only three methods of looping: air loop, single crochet column and double crochet column. It will not be difficult to learn how to read diagrams, where each loop by default has its own sign. The circular pattern is read, starting from the center, according to this principle a flower is knitted. The first row of loops is displayed on a straight line in the bottom row, the second row is displayed in the second row, and then ascending.

Having studied the above basics of knitting, you can easily learn how to create beauty with your own hands.

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