Chicken application in the younger group

Where do kids learn to make crafts? Of course, in kindergarten! Here they celebrate with their handicrafts any holidays and solemn events - from the New Year to the Mother's Day. And even Easter Sunday does not go unnoticed by small craftsmen.

An odd job for Easter at a kindergarten is chosen taking into account the age and skills of the children who will have to do it.

Application chicken in the younger group

Application chick in the younger group

On this basis, educators select materials, technique of work, the level of its complexity. So, in the second junior group by Easter, you can already make an applique "Chicken" made of colored cotton pom-poms. Children can cope with this task.

So, the “Chicken” application in the second youngest group begins with the preparation of what is needed in the process. First of all, they are white cotton pom-poms, a cardboard pattern of the chicken body and glue. A layer of glue is applied to the paper blank.One after another glue the workpiece with cotton balls. This is quite a labor-intensive process, which requires the kids to a certain accuracy. He will help them learn how to handle items that get their hands dirty. For convenience, prepare in advance wet wipes, with which children will wipe their soiled hands or the working surface of the table.

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Glue the egg with balls

A liquid yellow paint is applied to the disposable tray. You can use for this purpose acrylic or fresh gouache, which if necessary, easily bring to the desired condition, adding a little water. We paint cotton balls with paint.
 Coloring cotton balls

Coloring cotton balls

When all the pom-poms take their place, we stick a couple to the cardboard wings, which are cut along the contour of the children's hand. And after the paint on the pompon dries, we glue on the pretty eyes, the beak and a pair of legs.

Glue the eyes, beak, legs and wings

Glue eyes, beak,legs and wings

Well, here's the "Chicken" applique in the younger group! And if you plan to make such an application with older children, simply complicate the task by asking them to cut out templates for work, paws, beaks and eyes independently.

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