Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggetsis a culinary recipe for nuggets.


  1. chicken fillet 2 pcs;
  2. breadcrumbs 1 cup;
  3. parsley 2 tsp;
  4. red pepper, ground 0.5 tsp;
  5. granulated garlic 2 tsp;
  6. chicken eggs 2 pieces;
  7. 40 chips;
  8. wheat flour 1 cup;
  9. ground black pepper 1 tsp;
  10. salt 2 tsp.


Wash chicken fillet, wipe dry with a paper towel. Cut into small pieces. Season to taste with granulated garlic (1 tsp.), Salt (1 tsp.) And black pepper (1 tsp.).

Put the potato chips in a plastic bag and crush them into small crumbs using a rolling pin. Put in a bowl. Mix with breadcrumbs, add dried parsley, red ground pepper, salt.

Pour flour in a clean plate, beat eggs in a small bowl. Pieces of chicken, roll in flour. Then dip in beaten eggs, breaded in chips crumbs and breadcrumbs.

Heat vegetable oil in a pan. Fry chicken nuggets on both sides in small batches until golden brown.

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