Children's craft made of clay "Piglet"

Does the child like to make crafts from plasticine? It's good. Only such works of art are one-day. When the room is warm, the plasticine melts, changes shape, and can also stain expensive furniture. Why not change the clay for natural material in the form of clay? The product turns out to be more solid, the work is more interesting, and the result retains its original appearance for a long time. We offer an idea for clay crafts, based on the fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs". Sculpt character start with the head. On a round and slightly flat face we put on a flat penny with two holes. Nostrils make a match. Ears at Naf-Naf in the form of drops, pointed from the outside. If you leave the hearing organs round, then it is impossible to distinguish the animal from the bear. And the penny does not help. In the present embodiment, the Naf-Naf all shows a flat tongue. Part of the crafts is ready. From the side of the neck we insert a toothpick into the head. The body should be larger than the head. We make it round and flat. Two hands - clay tubes are put on the sides. Since the piglet is fabulous, we put a shirt on it, that is, rolled up clay strips, select the sleeves and the bottom of the clothes. Additionally we designate a place for buttons. Done.
Pig made of clay
We stick our head on a toothpick (match) in the neck area, as in the photo.
Piglet of clay
We sculpt the legs massive, approximately at an angle of 90 ° C, bend the feet.
Pig made of clay
With the help of a half match, we attach the legs to the body.
Pig from clay
The picture shows a souvenir in a sitting position.
Piglet made of clay

Ready-made hack sent for a day to dry in a secluded place. When the clay becomes brighter, it's time to paint the pig.In the image, Naf-Naf became multicolored due to the usual watercolor and brush. They also painted the eyes, painted the language.
 Piglet made of clay
Good work turned out. You can start creating brothers Nif-Nif and Nuf-Nuf. Children will love the clay modeling of these characters. A simple and exciting activity contributes to the creative development of the child. Using natural materials and natural products allows you to feel and see nature, which is very important for modern children.

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