Chinese and Japanese Food

Close communication between different nations influenced the diversity in food. Thanks to the Japanese, sushi has appeared on our menu, and the Italians have pizza. Recently, Chinese cuisine has also gained popularity. It is believed that the authors of the most beloved pizza are the Italians. For the first time peasants started cooking pizza. They simply mixed a cake of water and flour, and put some of the food at home on top. Later, a cake with tomato and vegetables was served to members of the royal family.

After some time, other nations joined the ranks of pizza fans. We also fell in love with the Italian dish in Russia: todayVolgograd pizza deliveryis carried out, as well as in other cities. In addition to the classic recipe, they came up with many others - the chefs do not get tired of experimenting! Even sweet pizza is honored today! By the way, the most expensive pizza in the world is made of red Austrian salt, tuna caviar, lobster and lobster. It costs 8,300 euros! Yes, and is called royally - "Louis XIII."The high cost is explained by the fact that it is poured with one of the most expensive cognacs in the world. The Japanese have enjoyed the world no less by sharing a recipe for sushi. True, they themselves call it "sushi." Today everyone can order sushi at home, and more than a hundred years ago this tasty dish was only invented. The process was slightly different from the modern one. For example, the fish were not served raw. The secret of the popularity of sushi - both in a special taste, and in the amount of useful substances. This is a low-calorie dish, there are no carbohydrates and no harmful substances. Due to the fact that its components do not undergo heat treatment, amino acids and trace elements are preserved. Scientists also remind of the positive properties of fish that are part of sushi: this ingredient reduces the possibility of getting cancer and protects the heart from arrhythmia and stroke. Rice also has a positive effect on the brain and reduces cholesterol. By the way, at the beginning of 2014, the Japanese recalled their love of sushi, setting a world record. In Hong Kong, they collected a huge mosaic of 37 square meters. meters to the decade of the famous Japanese network of sushi bars. The drawing consisted of sushi, and placed it on the ice arena to keep the food fresh. Ten craftsmen worked on this. Chinese food is also of interest to those who love healthy food.Meals are made from vegetables, fruits and meat, and they are very finely chopped. Because of this, you can comfortably eat cooked food using chopsticks. Recipes are distinguished by a special combination of ingredients with various sauces. The undoubted plus of Chinese food is minimal heat treatment, thanks to which useful components remain. It is customary to serve green tea or fruit wine to dishes. China is sure that there are more than five flavors. The Chinese still distinguish an unpleasant taste - it is rice and bread, fragrant - properly cooked dish and even golden must possess it! He has kumquat - a fruit that looks like a mandarin. So this belief was reflected in the Chinese cuisine. Culinary canons of the country require that food is not only pleasing to the eye, but also has healing properties. No wonder China has a huge number of long-livers!

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