Chocolate Christmas Tree

Chocolate Christmas Tree- homemade chocolate Christmas tree will decorate any winter holiday.


If the chocolate was heated incorrectly during cooking, then after cooling it will surely “turn gray.”

To make chocolate look smooth and glossy, it is tempered. As a result, it melts in the mouth, not in the hands. We recommend the use of culinary chocolate in the form of calllets - small round dragees. They are designed specifically for this technology. Callets must be divided into 4 parts. Melt 3/4 in a water bath with constant stirring over medium heat. The temperature of the melted chocolate is not more than 40-450С. Remove the container from the heat, add the remaining chocolate and vigorously stir the mass until smooth.

Properly prepared chocolate at a mass temperature of 32-340C, flowing from the blade, should break and form "icicles". You need to work with a chocolate room, with 19-210C.

On a sheet of parchment draw circles of different diameters. Their number depends on the height of the future Christmas tree.Spoon the chocolate in the center of each circle and form the tiers of the future Christmas tree. Sprinkle the stars along the edge with "snow" - coconut flakes. Separately draw a small "tip".

Gently place the chocolate sheet in the fridge - it should be completely frozen. Remove stars from paper.

Put a drop of melted chocolate on the center of the largest star, "glue" the figure of a slightly smaller diameter. In the same way, carefully collect the whole herringbone.

Chocolate Christmas Treeis ready.

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