Choosing a heat gun

The heat gun is able to heat the air in the room very quickly and evenly using convective heat exchange. High power makes the heat gun very popular. Every second of her work, she draws a large amount of air, heats it with a ceramic or metal spiral and throws it back into the room. In this case, the heat gun burns oxygen, so that in the room where such a device operates, a constant supply of fresh air is necessary.
Heat guns are quite dangerous devices, and when using them, one should strictly adhere to safety regulations.

Selection of heat gun for power

Before choosing a heat gun, it is necessary to obtain some data about the heated room - its volume, thermal insulation coefficient, the difference between the initial air temperature and the required one. These values ​​need to be multiplied. As a result, you get the amount of energy that is needed to heat the room.Based on it, you need to choose a gun or several guns - so that their total power covers the calculated one.
It is possible to find out the necessary power of the gun easier: 1 kW of energy is required to heat every 30 cubic meters of space.
There are three types of heat guns - electric, gas and diesel. Reviews and opinions about them can be very different.

Electric heat guns

Electric heat gun is easy to use and most often has a small power, often these guns are used not for industrial premises, but for apartments, offices, small garages, as they take up little space and do not require special permissions to connect. Such small guns are sometimes called fan heaters.
More powerful electrical devices require a three-phase electrical network. Additional wiring of such a network requires special permits and additional costs, so it is usually convenient to take two low-power electric guns instead of one powerful one.
Heat guns are equipped with a power regulator, that is, you can always control the flow of heat from your heater.

Gas Heat Guns

Gas continues to be the cheapest fuel, of course, if it is brought to the building where you are working, therefore, using gas heat guns, you can save a lot, especially since gas is cheaper than electric ones. Guns that run from the gas pipeline, of course, are much more economical, but before buying them you must be sure that you will collect all the necessary documents for their connection from the gas services.
Gas cannons burn an especially large amount of oxygen, their use in enclosed spaces is dangerous.

Diesel heat guns

The most powerful are diesel heat guns. Their disadvantage is the relatively high price of fuel and the need to create conditions for removal of gases, which are formed in the process of its combustion. Diesel guns are safer than electric and especially gas, they always have automatic equipment that will not allow them to overheat.

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