Choosing souvenirs at the resort

Going on an exciting journey, you should immediately set aside some amount of funds for unusual souvenirs and gifts to friends, relatives who stayed at home. Such purchases can be made in specialized stores.

How to choose souvenirs, what to look for in this process? Hotels in Tel Aviv next to the Park of Yarkon invite travelers from all over the world. Stalls with unusual crafts, statuettes, decorations work right on the territory of the hotel complexes. The problem is that cheap trinkets here are sold at inflated prices. To buy more souvenirs, but to save money, you should go shopping in a major Israeli city.

You can safely bargain. In this way, it is realistic to halve the stated price. No need to buy a lot of expensive gifts. Do not forget that you have to carry them on yourself home. In addition, initially it is worth examining the customs legislation in order to find out which types of products cannot be exported from the country.For example, some restrictions are imposed on cosmetics based on salts and mud from the Dead Sea. This does not mean that creams and scrubs can not be taken home at all. Just their number is somewhat limited.

There is another unusual way to purchase souvenirs. You can make them yourself. As an entertainment for tourists, master classes in handicraft, making elements of decor and interior are held in large resort complexes. You will surely enjoy the process of creation and the result of efforts.

Tel Aviv hotels near the Yitzhak Rabin Center can be booked in advance. The representative of the travel agency should specify which shopping centers are located nearby, so there then make acquisitions. Magnets, whole paintings, figurines, elements of traditional clothing, chic oriental jewelry, sweets - all this can be purchased in a wide range. Just imagine how loved ones will be when you return home with unusual gifts.

Perhaps a fascinating journey will open inspiration, and you will begin to create.You can master the simple technique of needlework at any age. Even if you have never before embroidered, sculpted out of clay, did not create jewelry, you can start this process right now. A good rest is always conducive to creativity.

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