Christmas tree from nylon

To make this Christmas tree, you will need: 1. Plastic bottle; 2. Empty flower pot of small size; 3. A bit of double tape; 4. Bolts for connecting the pot with a bottle; 5. Nylon flesh-colored stocking; 6. Yarn "grass" green; 7. Ready-made or homemade eyes; 8. Flesh-colored threads, green threads; 9. Fatin or organza for the manufacture of thorns; 10. Stapler; 11. Large beads; 1. We begin to make a Christmas tree from the frame, they will serve a plastic bottle, in this case, from under the milk. Put the bottle tightly in a pot and bolt it to it.
 We start to make a Christmas tree from the frame
2. We put a strip of double adhesive tape on the bottle over the flowerpot.
 We fasten a strip
3. We wind "yarn" with a strip of double adhesive tape,top tightly wrap on the bottle sintepon.
 Winding the Yarn
4. We make a cone of paper and put it on a bottle on top of the synthepon. Synthepone should be so much that the bottle is dressed tightly. The blank for the cone can be printed from the Internet to make it perfectly smooth. We refill the synthetic winterizer from below so that its edges do not come out.
 We make a paper cone
5. We make the preparation of the face of the future Christmas tree. To do this, we take a flesh-colored stocking, put a ball from a synthetic winterizer into it, form a head, as well as a small ball - the future spout. To express the facial features of the tree, we pull the nose, cheeks and mouth of the doll with threads of solid color. The tighter the weight will be, the older the Christmas tree will look. Putting stockings on the bottle. The bottom edge of the stocking, tuck under the padding, over the edge of the cone.
 Making the blank
6. Next, go to the manufacture of Christmas needles. To do this, we cut out squares measuring 10 * 10 cm from tulle or sintepon.We fold the squares diagonally, getting the triangles, bend the edges of the triangles so that we get diamonds and stapling. This design of tulle in the people has the name Funtik. We sew the "fatties" to the Christmas tree, starting from the very bottom. The denser the needles to each other will be, the more funky you will need and the finer your Christmas tree will be in the end.
faces of the tree
7. From the remnants of the kapron stocking we sew handles (we form tubules and fill them with padding polyester). We make threads of the skin color of the waist-fingers. Ready handles wrapped "weed" and sew to the shoulder line. We proceed to decorating the Christmas tree. We equip it with eyes, they can be glued on the glue "Moment" or the same double adhesive tape. A bright marker draws lips. We do light makeup, armed with the most real blush, draw eyebrows and eyelashes with a marker. We make hair from yarn "weed", it is this yarn that gives the necessary shaggy. Braid your hair and tie it with a ribbon. We sew large beads to each needle, they can be as plain,and multicolored.
 go to making needles
Christmas tree is ready.
 Christmas tree from nylon
Note: In order for the Christmas tree to stand securely, you can pre-pour pebbles on the bottom of the pot. If desired, you can tie a beret or a cap for the forest beauty, as well as a scarf, such elements can give it a special charm and sophistication.

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