Christmas tree toy from cards

Very little time is left until the next new year. And, of course, many residents of our country have already begun to decorate the Christmas tree in their apartments and houses. Of course, in our time in stores, which only New Year's toys and ornaments do not sell, it would seem, buy and decorate. But it’s much nicer and more interesting to make Christmas decorations with your own hands from the materials available at home. To make one of these Christmas toys we needed:
  • postcards 2 pcs .;
  • scissors;
  • compasses or a small glass;
  • PVA glue and super glue;
  • pencil and ruler;
  • ribbon
  • rhinestones or sequins.
The fact is that while I was still at school, I collected postcards, and after it ended I did not throw them out and did not give it to anyone, so the choice of postcards for various kinds of crafts i have big. Since we are going to make a New Year's toy,then I chose the most brilliant from my variety of cards, well, and which are not particularly pathetic to cut.
 Christmas tree toy from cards
On the reverse side of the two cards we chose , compass or like us, using a small glass-stack we draw 20 identical circles.
 Christmas tree toy from postcards
And carefully cut them with scissors.
 Christmas tree decoration from cards
Our mugs turned out to be 40mm in diameter. But you can make circles of any size, the main thing is that all circles have the same diameter.
Christmas tree toy from postcards
Now in each circle on the reverse side we need to inscribe an equilateral triangle. We made his template out of cardboard, and drew a triangle in pencil duplicating each circle.
Christmas tree toy from postcards
Then on all 20 circles we bend three identical sides,that is, bend the edges of the circles along the lines of the triangle inscribed into it. Tip: do it better with the help of the ruler, in order to make the bends smoother.
 Christmas tree decoration from the cards
I decided to make the top and bottom toys from the postcard of lilac color, and the middle of the green. Therefore, we take the first five circles of lilac color and with the help of PVA glue glue them together in turn for lateral bent sides. It should look like in the following photo.
 Christmas tree toy from cards
By analogy we make the bottom of a toy ball from the remaining five purple circles. Next It is necessary to make the middle of the remaining 10 green circles. To do this, we glue them together with each other in a strip with white glue, and lock them in a “ring”. How to glue together in a strip is shown in the following photo.
 Christmas tree toy from cards
These three parts of the future Christmas tree toy should come out: top,bottom and middle.
 Christmas tree decoration from postcards
Since we plan to hang this toy on our Christmas tree, it is necessary to make an eyelet on which hang. To do this, we carefully insert both sides of the ribbon into the center of the top of the toy and tie it from the inside for a couple of knots. The ribbon should be about 20 cm, otherwise our toy will look ugly. That is, the length of the ribbon should correspond to the size of the toy.
 Christmas tree decoration from postcards
Now carefully glue all the parts of the toy ball together with PVA glue.
I made this toy with my four-year-old son, so in the joints of the toy here and there bumps and holes are visible. To hide them and add the beauty and brilliance of our toys, we pasted round silver rhinestones with super glue, which we have left from children's crafts. But you can instead use sequins or shiny beads for example. Christmas tree decoration toy from the postcards
Here we have such a wonderful and original ball-toy for the Christmas tree.
Christmas tree toy from postcards
But it's quite simple to manufacture and even school-age children can do it. Congratulations Sun Happy New Year!

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