Lush Daisy Clip

Chamomiles are the most popular wildflowers, from which weave wreaths, guessing on petals, collected in bouquets. But unfortunately, they, like all natural flowers, quickly fade. But there is an opportunity to make a daisy with ribbons that will decorate your hair and remind you of a warm summer, even on the most frosty day!
 Lush chamomile clip
To make the Lush chamomile clip, you will need: - clip for hair. - tape about 25 mm wide, yellow color. - glue gun. - stamens for flowers of lime shade. - white tape not less than 50 mm wide. - finishing yellow mesh. - leaves for a decor from a tape of lime color with golden thread at the edges. - cabochon. - contour with yellow sparkles. Creating a hair clip. First you need to prepare to make blanks of white tape, the width of which must be at least 50 mm . From it you need to cut parts with a length of 5 cm each. Such blanks will need 25 pieces.
 Clamp Fluffy daisy
Then from each part should make triangles,folding them along the diagonal.
Clip Lush Daisy
Now the corners of the parts need to be turned to the middle starting on the right side.
Clip Magnificent Daisy

Then you need to repeat the action, but now from the left side.
 Clamping a lush camomile
As a result, by uchayutsya rectangular piece with strips bend in the middle. These two lines will be a guide for further action. Exactly along these strips, the parts must be bent in half.
 Lush Chamomile Clip
Thin corners need to be cut off and immediately processed with fire.
 Clip Magnificent Daisy
Now along the entire length of the petal it is necessary to leave 0.6 cm of tape, superfluous to cut off and sing with fire, connecting all the fabrics.  Clip Lush Daisy
You get long and narrow petals.
Lush Daisy Clamp
Similar parts for clampingyou need 25 pieces.
Clip Lush Daisy
White petals should be glued together, forming an even circle of them.
>img src="" alt="Clip Magnificent Daisy" title="Clip Magnificent Daisy">
Now you need to make a middle for chamomile. The middle is a small yellow flower with stamens added. Petals for this flower are created in the same sequence as the detail for chamomile, differ only in length. Since yellow petals should be made from a tape 25 mm wide, their length will be 1.5 cm. In total, there are 8 such petals. They need to be connected by gluing together in a small circle.
 Clip Lush Daisy
To the resulting yellow flower should be attached stamens with light green tips. The middle of the flower should be supplemented with cabochon.
 Clip Lush Daisy
Now you need to cut a long strip of 3x20 cm using yellow trimming mesh. Further along its edge you need to sew a line with small stitches,using a regular sewing needle and a reinforced thread.
 Clip Lush Daisy
Now you need to pull the stitching line together to form folds and join both short cuts together to form a circle.
Clip Magnificent chamomile
On top of the received detail it is necessary to fasten the yellow flower, placing it strictly in the center. Clip Magnificent Daisy It turns out lush middle for chamomile, it remains to fix it on the blank of white petals.
 Lush Daisy Clamp
Next, add the flower with the leaves, distributing them evenly on the wrong side of the flower. Then from the ribbon of light green color you need to make a circle with a diameter of 40 mm. It will be the basis for chamomile and close the edges of the petals.
 Clip Lush Daisy
The created base should be fixed on the bottom of the flower. Then on top of this circle, you need to glue the hair clip,attaching it in the center of the daisy.
 Clamp Fluffy daisy
It remains to straighten the petals and the grid and decorate the daisy with golden sparkles.
Clip Magnificent Daisy

Clip "Lush daisy" ready!

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