Clutch of jeans with his hands

I am sure that every girl will have at least one pair of jeans that went out of fashion or just torn. As it is not surprising, but they can still serve you, making you stylish! In this manual, I'll show you how to make a jeans clutch with a few simple steps.

Handmade jeans clutch

Denim Clutch

If you have experience in cutting and sewing, as well as a sewing machine, you can make a clutch with your own hands in 10-15 minutes. Not only old jeans, but also a skirt, a jacket, anything in general will do.

Stage 1: Materials

Sewing machine

To make a clutch, you need:

  • 36x24 cm piece of jeans
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • strings
  • sewing hook
  • wooden button

Stage 2: Let's get started!



We cut a piece of fabric measuring 36x24 cm. Then we cut off the corners as shown in the photo, we get a flap that will be a cover for the clutch. Now sew the edges of the upper valve and the bottom edge of the pattern (which later becomes the upper one). After that, we tuck the bottom edge aligning the corners of the lid and flush the sides, as in the photo.

Stage 3: Bottom

Bottom of jeans clutch

To shape our clutch is pretty easy.Fingers hold the corners of the bag as shown in Figure 1 of this stage. After we sew both corners, turn it over. The bag is almost ready.

Stage 4: Sew a Button

Sew a button

Clutch ready

Scissors carefully make a cutout in the valve, in accordance with the size of the button. We carefully process the edges on a sewing machine. Now we sew a button (I used a wooden one).

Clutch ready!Is it not easy ?!

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