Coconut-Chocolate Rolls without Baking

Coconut chocolate rolls without baking- a recipe.


  1. cookies - 100 gr;
  2. water - 50 ml
  3. cocoa - 2 tbsp. l.;
  4. coconut chips - 40 g;
  5. powdered sugar - 40 g;
  6. butter - 40 g;
  7. coconut liqueur - 1 tsp.


Grind cookies in a blender, as small as possible, add cocoa, water and mix thoroughly. It should turn out well-molded mass. &Nbsp;

Now we make a coconut layer. Intensively mix chips, softened butter, icing sugar and liqueur using a blender. Start shredding with coconut chips and gradually add the rest of the ingredients. &Nbsp;

We cover the working surface with baking paper, distribute the chocolate mass along it and spread it out in the form of a large rectangle, approximately 20 by 25 cm in size.

We put coconut cream on the chocolate layer and level it again.  

With the help of paper, we roll up the roll, starting from the narrower side.

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