Cold and temperature: is it possible to go to the bath?

The experience of many generations has shown that with the right approach, a bath helps a person to cope with a cold, cleanse the body of toxins, keep vessels in tone, temper the body and spirit. And nowadays, many consider the bath an excellent remedy for colds, but there are still some exceptions. For example, at a temperature, doctors forbid visiting such establishments. In this article we will try to understand this issue.
in the bath at a temperature
In the bath at a temperature
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Can I go to the bath at a temperature?

There are several points of view on this question:

- doctors say categorically "No!";

- avid banshchiki answer: "At a temperature in the bath is possible, but only at a low";

- you should listen to your body and your physical capabilities.

Let's see in more detail.


With a cold, the body's natural defensive response to viruses is an increase in temperature. When this occurs, an increased release of leukocytes in the blood, which fight viral cells, increases the load on the cardiovascular system.

Going into the steam room, where the temperature of the air is maintained at an average of about 100 °, a person loads the heart and blood vessels even more, at the same time risking a heart attack instead of the desired recovery.

in the bath at a temperature
In the bath at a temperature
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In terms of lovers

People who regularly attend a steam room are sick less often. During a cold, avid bath lovers recommend steaming well with a broom, sprinkling water with eucalyptus or fir oil on the stones and drinking herbal tea with honey.

With a low temperature during a cold, such people can easily afford to visit the bath, as their bodies are trained and accustomed to temperature loads. Do not chase them to those who go to the bath from time to time. Beginners and at all should postpone the trip to the steam room until full recovery.

The best option

More precisely, all will answer the question: "Is it possible to bathe at a temperature?" Your own organism. Listen to your inner feelings, really appreciate your physical capabilities. If you feel a strong indisposition, weakness, it is better, of course, not to risk it. But still there is a great option when and at a temperature you can in the bath.Ask those who will be steaming in front of you to spray stones with diluted eucalyptus essential oil at the last call.

Wait until the steam room cools down to a comfortable temperature, about degrees to 50 °, come in, lie down on the shelf and inhale the eucalyptus scent in deeply.

Get a great inhalation. After the procedure, you can drink warm herbal tea with honey. In no case do not go out without drying to the end, it can seriously aggravate the disease. To walk or not to go to a bathhouse with a high temperature, it's up to you to decide, health is in your hands. Do not forget, only with a reasonable approach the steam room will have the therapeutic effect that everyone expects from it.

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