Color music from hard disk

Your attention is the next color music, or rather, to say the volume level indicator, since it is a column of LEDs that turn on one after another depending on the output signal of the audio amplifier. For these purposes, I used the UAA180 chip as well, you can also take K1003PP1 and A277D, which are all full analogs of each other and are included in exactly the same way. Each of these microcircuits is a driver for 12 LEDs. In addition to the fact that it can be used as color music, this microcircuit can also be used as an elementary voltmeter with a measurement threshold of 6V. But I still decided to collect color music. And so I decided to use the hard disk casing for these purposes. To begin with, it is actually necessary to disassemble the hard disk and remove from it what we do not need
 Color music from hard disk
 Color music from hard disk
Next you need to take the LEDs and solder them into a ring, I used super bright LEDs with power in 3c. You can use almost any that exist. Solder and stack them in place the actual disk itself
Color music from the hard disk
Color music from hard disk
After all the LEDs are soldered and stacked It is possible to fill them with hot melt or, in extreme cases, the usual one.
Color music from hard disk
Now you need the control chip itself, which is also quite simple to assemble, and so the driver circuit itself.
Color music from the hard disk
Everything is simple, the contacts on UAA180 are considered here
 Tsvetomuz ka from hard disk
After this, we solder the LEDs to the circuit by means of wires
Color music from hard disk
We connect we check and everything should work the first time,to check the input, you can connect 5 volts and rotate the potentiometer to see how the chip reacts to changes in the input voltage. Connect the output from your audio amplifier to the input of the chip and everything will work fine.
 Color of the hard disk
Color music from the hard disk
 The color music of the hard disk
 Color music from a hard disk
That's all, I also want to share an idea that I did not manage to implement. According to the idea, if you manage to make the hard disk rotate and make a small slot in it not parallel to the radius, you can achieve a disk glow effect similar to the effect you get in HDD Clock. I did not manage to get the complex three-phase hard disk drive to constantly rotate. Wishing to repeat good luck!

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