Colored ice shot glass

A colored icy glassis an ordinary icy glass painted in the desired color.

Materials and tools:

  1. a glass, a large glass (viscous);
  2. food coloring (juice);
  3. water;
  4. freezer.

Step 1

Pouring a large glass of water into the glass, drop a glass in it (in order to level the edges of the glass and glass, you can put something in or press it heavy). We add food coloring to water, it's better to use juice, cola and the like .. And we remove the mill into the refrigerator.

After freezing the water, we will take the glass from the refrigerator. Get a glass of ice and remove the glass to make it easier to pour warm water on a glass (in a glass).

A colorful ice-colored glass

It differs from the above described process in that the shading occurs gradually and "colored additives" are added to the water.

Process: pour water, add dye, freeze; when the water is frozen, we take out the glass, add water, add the dye and put it back in the freezer; repeat.

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