Concrete floor screed

During the overhaul of any room or when building a new one, there is almost always a question of how to better equip the floor. Floor covering you can choose at your discretion, but the base of the floor should be very high quality and durable. Concrete floor screed is just suitable for solving this issue. In order for the concrete floor screed to be executed flawlessly, you need to approach this issue seriously. First of all, you need to prepare everything you need to ensure that the concrete floor screed has been completed without delay. This will come in handy:
  • cement mixer;
  • sand;
  • cement (the best grade is 500);
  • if there are interruptions in the supply of water - make abundant water supply;
  • water vapor barrier;
  • working tool (shovels, buckets, trowel, rule and etc.).
If everything is ready, we start work. First, prepare a quality base for the future screed. To do this, remove all construction and household waste from the room. Then, over the entire floor area, under the future screed, spread out the hydroparabarar.
Concrete screed floor
Its edges should act on the walls. After that, put the lighthouses on the floor. These can be special lighthouses made of metal (sold in hardware stores), as well as bricks laid on the level of cement mortar (if the thickness of the screed overlaps the height of the brick). When this work is done, the lighthouses should be left for a day to fix them on the cement mortar.
Concrete floor screed
The next day after installing the beacons, we fill the floor with concrete. In order to make the concrete floor screed ideal, first of all it is necessary to prepare a high-quality solution from a sand-cement mix. Concrete floor screed
For quick preparation of this solution, put sand and cement (preferably 500 grade) in a concrete mixer in a ratio of 3/1. Turn on the concrete mixer and gradually add water to the cement-sand mixture until this mixture resembles a wet clay in its consistency. Knead the solution well in the mixer,so that all cement and sandy lumps are stirred and turned into a single mass. Then fill the space between the walls and the beacons with cement mortar. Rule remove the excess solution, moving the rule to the sides relative to the beacons. If in some place the screed has subsided, it is necessary to add cement mortar there and re-repeat all movements with the rule. Pay attention that the edges of the water vapor barrier protrude onto the wall and do not remain under the solution. Thus, you need to fill in the rest of the tie.
Concrete floor screed
Concrete floor screed
Concrete floor screed
It is important to carry out each mix of a new portion of cement mortar immediately after the previous one has been worked out. To have already laid screed did not have time to dry. When the floor is covered with concrete, leave it to dry. You need to allocate from 2 to 3 days. After the floor is completely dry, cut off all the edges of the water vapor barrier projecting on the walls. After you have completed all of the above steps, the concrete floor screed will be finished.

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