Congratulations on February 23 - sms for a husband, beloved boyfriend, friend, brother and boss. Short funny sms verses for men

0123Ф-001Practical and convenient mobile phones, smartphones and tablets have recently become an essential attribute of the life of almost every person. With the help of these practical gadgets, we access the Internet anywhere in the world and can, at a convenient time, learn the latest news, watch movies, listen to music, chat with friends and family, and even congratulate each other on the holiday. Of course, such a communication option cannot replace personal relationships, but it does provide an opportunity to always be in touch even with those whom we used to call long-distance acquaintances. Usually there are many such people and call them all for the sake ofin order to remind oneself and pass on holiday greetings, it is simply impossible physically, but it is quite possible to send a short and kind SMS greeting on February 23. It will not take a lot of time and effort from you, and it will be very pleasant for a person to get some joyful, optimistic lines on a holiday.

SMS greetings on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland can please and the closest people. For example, it is appropriate to send a friend, brother or beloved boy some funny, funny poem, to her husband - some tender, tender and seductive lines, and to the boss - a couple of solid, respectful phrases in prose. Of course, you will tell all the warmest, most pleasant and touching to these people in person, and a small SMS will simply increase the sense of celebration and give the strong floor another reason for joy and smile.

Short, funny SMS greetings from February 23 to men in verses

On February 23, all of your familiar men can be congratulated with short funny sms in verses. The main thing is to send them to people with an adequate sense of humor and the ability to perceive jokes normally.Otherwise, instead of delivering pleasure, you just ruin the relationship with the person.


Frivolous rhymes with a piquant sense and frivolous hints should only be sent to very close friends you have known well for a long time. It is better for unfamiliar people, former classmates and classmates, colleagues, clients or neighbors on the porch to send simple, cheerful greetings in several rhymed lines and complement them with warm, sincere and good wishes for love, family happiness, mutual understanding, career growth and financial well-being. Pleasant words permeate the hero of the occasion in the heart and will long remain in the memory as a sign of attention and good relations on your part.


Let February 23,
With him will bring success.
An example of being bright for everyone.


Here came the 23rd
The day is cold in February.
I congratulate you, man.
I wish to be only at the helm.


Man, I congratulate you,
May peace reign throughout the whole earth.
And the likelihood of new wars
All the time will be at zero!

Congratulations on February 23 - funny sms and pictures


Funny congratulations on February 23 are always appropriate and are delivered to menpleasure. Especially high, such variants of holiday greetings are appreciated by young guys and middle-aged men. They like a bit of frivolous humor and naughty hints with which they are delighted by friends and girlfriends on a solemn day.


Be harsh like February
Even a little windy,
To make the heart - steel,
Wheel heaved chest.

On the day of the Defender have time
Walk and fool around
Moderately eat, moderately drink,
Because further to live!


The Day of Men has already come:
Protect the table,
Beat any drink -
After all, you are the Motherland Defender!


The representative of the male kingdom
Congratulations to send from the heart:
Be terribly rich and relaxed
And love near to be allowed!

Pictures with congratulations for February 23 for SMS

On all models of modern smartphones, you can send a cool text SMS greeting on February 23 and supplement it with a bright, colorful picture. In this version, the holiday greeting will look more spectacular and certainly will not be lost among other similar SMS messages. For young guys, you can choose funny cartoon-like images with grotesque-beautiful girls, smiling smiley to all defenders of the Fatherland.It is more appropriate for older men to send a picture more imposing, decorated with traditional attributes of the holiday: banners of the state, stars, salutes, etc.

Elderly people who have phones of simpler models need to send a colorful greeting in the form of mms message, because this format supports not only text, but also an image. Of the pictures here are suitable postcards in the Soviet style, reflecting the main essence of the holiday - the glorification of the strength and power of Russian weapons.




Kind, pleasant SMS greetings from February 23 to brother and friend

For a brother on February 23 you need to pick up a very kind, pleasant and touching sms-ku. Let it be said that you are very proud of your relative and appreciate his support in any difficult situations. Let the brother feel all the sincerity and warmth of your words and understand that you truly love him, even despite some misunderstandings that inevitably arise between people. This will strengthen your relationships and make them more cordial and trustful.


From February 23
Congratulations, brother, you!
Be strong, brave, brave
No matter how difficult the path!

I believe you will find yourself
And take your own!
Your dreams will come true.
I know, everything can you!


I am proud that you are my brother.
Not just a brother, but a friend.
I swear, you're better a hundred times.
All the people around.

I want you to never know
The meaning of the word sadness.
In life, I walked widely
He looked boldly into the distance.


The best brother ever
I congratulate you.
Wishes only happiness
Twenty-three from me.

That we have always been a support,
From adversity defended us
It certainly was healthy
I conquered and won.

SMS greeting on February 23 for a friend should sound optimistic and cheerful. In addition to the holiday greetings, it may contain the most pleasant wishes and hints on how much you value friendship with such a reliable, courageous, courageous and understanding person.


I'm with February twenty-third
Congratulations, friend, now you
And I wish only victories,
To live happily ever after, without troubles!

Good luck with you,
At home - happiness and peace.
And may all dreams come true
It's worthy of it!


Happy Defender's Day!
Let things be honest
Do not disturb the sadness and boredom.
Be happy every minute.

Be cheerful and be beautiful
Manly and happy.
Good to be, do not forget.
All be fulfilled, dare!


Accept congratulations
From February 23 -
This holiday is the best
At the end of February.

May desires be fulfilled
Let all the dreams come true.
Rejoice, walk, fall in love,
Believe that the best in the world are you.

Beautiful sms-congratulations from February 23 to your favorite guy and husband


Of course, a beloved guy or an expensive husband should be congratulated on February 23, personally and in the most gentle and affectionate terms, tell a loved one how happy you are with him. However, a beautiful holiday SMS greeting will not be superfluous either. Moreover, it will definitely improve the mood and give the hero of the occasion a sea of ​​optimism and positive emotions. Reading a nice little lines, a man will surely smile and in the shower will be glad that his woman, wife or girlfriend is so attentive to him, even in small things. And after all, this is the essence of any holiday - to bring pleasure to the most dear, close and beloved people.


Your arms are always strong.
And thoughts - only for the soul.
You are so gentle and simple
Since February 23, my own.


As Suvorov, you are invincible,
And, like Zhukov, you are firm and calm,
For me, you are only one in the world,
The most powerful and reliable warrior!


You will not give up in trouble, you will not betray in grief
And for children - so you will give your life.
Although the feast in February for all men,
My love is worthy of you alone!

Congratulations on February 23 - sms to the boss in prose


For the boss, you should choose SMS greeting from February 23 in prose. Phrases should sound weighty, solid, respectful and not contain a double meaning. Too much copying should not get carried away. The text should not look ingratiating, subservient or crony. In the end, you still have to work with this person, so the rules of decency and business etiquette must be observed. Be sincere and cordial, but keep within the limits of tact. Then your congratulations will make a pleasant impression and will not cause any negative emotions in the manager.


Congratulations on February 23! The man is essentially a winner and a leader. Only a born leader can be such a great boss like you. On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, I wish you new victories on all fronts, as well as peace and goodness in the “rear”.


I congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! I wish new victories, great ideas, executive and responsible subordinates. Let successful work put a stamp of well-being on your life.


I congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and want to wish peace in the house, warmth in the heart and peace of mind! That your children were proud of you, and the wife understood and supported.

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