Control Panel on Computer

Sometimes, there is a desire to diversify their daily lives, and to change any process that must be performed daily, and which is already tired. One of these processes is turning on or restarting a computer - a banal button click that happens the same for all PC users. In order to diversify these processes, you can make a control panel on your computer. To do this, you need several details: the front panel, six resistors, three toggle switches, two buttons and 6 LEDs - three red and three green.
The control panel on the computer
The panel must be drilled for every detail and check how well they fit in.
After that, everything must be soldered according to this scheme -
It should be noted that if the LEDs are powered by a 12-volt power supply,then they need to be connected only through a resistor, otherwise they will fail. Calculation of the resistance of the resistor is as follows: from the supply voltage, the voltage of the LED is subtracted and divided by the current of the LED. The power of the circuit is made from a computer power supply.
After all the elements are welded together and inserted into the front panel, you can assume that the control panel is almost ready. Do not forget about safety! All contacts and soldering places must be isolated! To do this, used cambric or insulation. But it is desirable to assemble at least some housing so that the wires were reliably hidden in it.
After all the operations, we check the health of the assembled control panel. To turn on the computer, you need to turn the toggle switches 1 and 2 on and turn on the button 1. To restart the computer in the on position, the switches No. 1 and No. 3 should be located and press button 2.
If the control panel is working properly, then mount it on the front side of the computer case.

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