Proper foundation

To choose the right, you need to know well the features and type of their skin. To date, the choice of tonal resources is huge and diverse. Both dark-skinned and dark-skinned people, and those over 50 and twenty years old will find a tonal basis that will ideally suit the desired type and color, taking into account both the condition and age. In order not to make a mistake when choosing, take it seriously, just do not forget that a good tonal framework is not cheap.

Features of skin types

  • For dry.This type requires regular hydration, especially in summer. According to this and the tonal tool should be chosen with components actively moisturizing, for example, such as aloe. The nutritional basis of the cream contains proteins and vitamins contained in the oil of grape seed, avocado and coconut. In short, women with dry skin need to choose products with the note “moisturizing” or BB cream having a water-gel base, easily lying on the skin and eliminating peeling and dryness.For example,Artdeco 8 in 1 CC Cream

  • For bold.For this type of tonal tool should have a less dense structure. And such creams should have a drying effect to avoid shine. Basically for oily skin, tonal products are produced in the form of cream powder or a matting emulsion, which include absorbents, such as zinc, sulfur, vitamins A and B. These components contribute to the regulation of subcutaneous fat, eliminating oily sheen. For example, with the mineralsArtdeco Mineral Fluid Foundation Beige Rose.

  • For a combination.With this type, often cosmeticians recommend using products for oily skin. But if such a cream is applied to the entire face, the color will not look natural. This can be avoided by two types of tonal means: one that matches the desired color and the second one to a darker tone. Lighter apply to the entire face completely, and the fact that more darkly highlight the cheekbones and nose. For example, the Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation Sunny Shell and theArtdeco Rich Treatment Foundation Vanilla Rose.

  • For mature.In this case, the best option is a cream lifting effect, which contains moisturizing ingredients and various antioxidants.Such creams help to cope immediately with several tasks simultaneously: protect against harmful external factors, actively moisturize, mask wrinkles and signs of aging. Such magical means perfectly mask the unevenness of the face, inflammation and smooth the skin. For example,Artdeco Make-up Base.

Best Choice

Optimally acquire a sampler of the selected agent and conduct a test at home in daylight. But if there is no such possibility, then try in the store to test the cream, applying it on the cheekbone or forehead. It is important to remember that by applying the cream on the wrist to check whether the color is suitable, it is possible to make a mistake in choosing since the skin of the face and hands is significantly different in structure and color. The most ideal variant is the one whose color after absorption has completely merged with the color of the skin. It should be applied in a thin layer, both during testing and in everyday use, so that the skin looks fresh and does not give the impression of a mask on the face.

The choice of modern cosmetics is rich and diverse. Come to the choice with love to your skin and beauty.

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