Corrugated paper rose bud

Corrugated paper has its own special properties, thanks to which it is possible to make charming flowers from it, which will be an excellent imitation of living specimens.  Rose bud of corrugated paper

For the manufacture of such a bud, you will need to work: Material: - thick corrugated paper of the following tones: green and pink. - wire. - a small wad of cotton wool. Tools : - scissors. - tweezers. Making a flower. First of all, from a segment of pink corrugated paper, you need to cut out with a ruler a regular rectangle with sides 6x7 cm with scissors, it is important to make sure that the part is not skewed. Then you need to round two of the upper corners and denote the tip pointed at the center.  Making a flower Now from the prepared you should cut off 15 cm.At the resulting segment, you need to take one edge and round it with your finger, creating a small ring and freeing the arm to secure the wire in this form.
 Making a flower
Next to the detail pink color in the middle you need to place a ring of wire and a small piece of cotton wool. It is needed to obtain the fullness of the bud and facilitate its creation. Now you need using the right rounded corner to wrap folded in the center of the details of cotton wool and wire. At the intersection of cotton and paper, you need to stretch it slightly.
 Making a flower
After that you should make the same fold, but on the other side.
Making a flower
Next you need to very firmly fold the lower part of the bud. For this, it is best to twist the paper with your fingers around the wire, the stronger, the better.
 Making a flower
Now you can start creating leaves.For this green corrugated paper must cut a large rectangle, the sides of which will be equal to 6x9 cm.
 Making a flower
Further along the longest side of this part you need to make a lot of zigzag cuts .
 Making the flower
After this, with the prepared foliage you need to wrap the base annogo bud. The bottom part should also be firmly tightened and for secure fastening it is better to tighten it with wire.
It is necessary to make a straight strip 3 cm wide and about 15 from the remaining piece of green paper cm and wrap the wire around it. With this strip you need to cover the base of the bud and gradually wrap the wire at a 45-degree angle creating a flower stem. Long pieces of leaves that touch the bud, you need to twist your fingers gently. Rosebud from corrugated paper Now the rose bud is ready.You can make a very attractive bunch of such flowers!
 Rosebud from corrugated paper

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