Coterium in your home: proper care

Koleriya surprises and attracts attention with its rapid growth. In order for the plant to develop well, it is not necessary to provide complex or special conditions of detention. This flower is quite unpretentious, so it will be comfortable in a warm room without drafts.

For continuous flowering coterie need to be watered correctly and regularly. Moisture intake should occur in moderation. In the heat the plant needs to be watered more often. It is important that the soil does not have time to dry. In early autumn, watering is recommended to reduce.

In the summer, the temperature of the content should be about 20-25 degrees, and in the winter - 15-20 degrees. In order to feel comfortable and well developed, it must be placed on a window sill with diffused light and protected from direct sunlight. However, insufficient lighting can affect the quality and timing of flowering.

Koleriya likes humid air, but can feel comfortable in the usual conditions of a city apartment.It is necessary to spray the space around the plant, otherwise accumulated drops of moisture on the leaves will lead to the formation of brown spots. If the air is too dry in winter, put the pot with the paint on the pallet with wet expanded clay.

Replace the need to need painter. The ideal soil for growing is considered to be a mixture of sand, peat, leaf and sod land. Small pieces of charcoal can be added to the soil substrate. They will absorb excess moisture.

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