Cover for children's birth certificate

With the birth of your little son, you already have a completely new life, and there is already a responsibility in life, not only for yourself and your spouse, but also for your newborn son. Every mommy wants the best for her baby, so she tries for it and does everything possible and impossible. A newborn baby is born and receives the status of a citizen of the country in which he was born, which is supported by a document called a birth certificate. This is the first and most important document until the age of 16, until your son has grown up to receive a passport. Now the birth certificate of a completely different sample, not the same as it used to be in the form of a booklet, therefore it is very important to keep it in safety and accuracy. The birth certificate size is 17 * 24 cm, therefore a non-standard large cover is needed for it. To buy such a cover is probably even a problem, but unless you find custom-made manufacturing,but to make an interesting soft cover for the testimony, every mother will be able to do it herself as soon as she gets acquainted with this master class. So, for the cover we take: • Binding cardboard two sheets 19 * 26 cm;
• Sintepon; • Fabric 100% cotton two colors with stars, one fabric on a blue background, and the second on a gray-blue; • Paper for scrapbooking from a children's set, two sheets 30 * 30 cm;
• Printed card «My first documents» • Napkin cut in blue • Picture with a bunny Mie in blue color • • Metal nooks silver one, 4 pieces; • Metallic metal suspension cubes; • Bradsa ​​metallic blue; • Elastic thin hat of gray color; • Salatne grommets and eyelet installer; • • Blue cut down flags colors; • Strip of white cardboard; • Glue pencil, double-sided tape; • Glue “Scotch effect”; • Curb hole punch; • Scissors, simple pencil, ink pad for tinting paper and ruler.
 Cover for a child's certificate
 Cover for a child's certificate
So, first we need to make a hard cover.To do this, we need to connect two sheets of binding cardboard with a strip of white.
 Cover for children's testimony
Cover for children's testimony

We cut off a strip of white cardboard 6.5 * 26 cm. We divide this strip into three parts, respectively 3 cm * 0.5 cm and 3 cm. Now, under the ruler, we draw two bending lines.
Cover for children's testimony
 A cover for a children's certificate
Using a glue stick, glue this strip on both sides of the cardboard, thus we connect the cover as a whole.
 Cover for children's witnesses and
 Cover for children's testimony
Now we draw lines with scissors so that the cover closes well.Cut the sintepon on the open cover.
 Cover for Children's Testimony
 Cover for a child's certificate
Glue strips of double-sided scotch and paste the sintepon.

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