Do-it-yourself insect

Charming flies, dragonflies, beetles, snails and caterpillars from dry leaves, acorns and sticks. Crafts from natural materials in kindergarten are usually performed in the autumn season, when it is easier to find the basis for their manufacture.

However, some materials can be found in spring and summer, or prepare in advance. Then such crafts will not lose their relevance during the year.

 Do-it-yourself insect

Do-it-yourself insect

For example, good preserved in dried form:

  • some berries - mountain ash, dog rose, hawthorn, barberry;
  • maple seeds;
  • physalis;
  • sprigs of pine, spruce and other coniferous trees;
  • chestnut;
  • moss;
  • acorns;
  • boxes with castor bean fruits;
  • different types of nuts;
  • leaves d rushes, if you dry them under pressure;
  • petals of large flowers;
  • seeds of different plants and fruits.

They can be used to create bright and interesting images.

For example, from the material harvested in advance, you can get the original hack "Insect"with your own hands that every child can make.

 Natural materials for crafts

Natural materials for crafts

For bonding It is convenient to use salty dough, plasticine, or mass for modeling between different parts.

By rolling several balls of salt dough and fixing them on a toothpick, we get the body of a small insect. While the dough is not frozen, we attach to it wings of maple seeds, eyes from rowan berries and thin legs of twigs or dry blades of grass. It turns a charming front sight.

 Dragonfly from natural materials

Dragonfly from natural materials

Fly from dry leaves

 Insects from natural materials

Insects from natural x materials

You can also use acorns, nuts, pods of leguminous plants or sticks as a body.The remaining parts are attached to them using plasticine or the same salt dough.

 Acorn Beetle

Acorn Beetle

Number and the arrangement of the wings can be changed at their own discretion. Beautiful wings are obtained from dried leaves or unrolled boxes of Physalis.

A beautiful snail can be made from a castor box or chestnut box by fashioning a plasticine body, and securing rowan eyes on the head.

 Beetles and Snail

Bugs and Snail

You can make more unusual insects - you just need to turn on your imagination.

 Char Insect insects

Enchanting insects

As a rule, children with interest are included in the creative process and create the most unexpected images of those materials that are available.

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