Hand-made for Cosmonautics Day: applique on the "Planet" film

The Day of Astronautics, like any other holiday, is an excellent occasion to engage in creative work with the kids. Crafts on the theme "Cosmos" always excite the bright imagination of children, because they are attracted by all the unusual, unusual, beyond the scope of reality. In kindergarten, you can devote a separate lesson to the topic of space, combining it with making crafts.

 Crafts for Cosmonautics Day: application on the film

Crafts for the Day of Cosmonautics: the application on the film "Planet"

What can be handicrafts for Cosmonautics Day in kindergarten? Any! You can use plasticine, salt dough, paper or waste material as the basis - anything you like! And we offer to make an unusual panel of plastic film, foil and colored paper.We cut out planets and stars from foil and colored paper.

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