Crafts for March 8 from plasticine

Plasticine can be a wonderful tool for creating children's gift articles for the International Women's Day. It can be used for the manufacture of numerous souvenirs, cards and even decorative panels. The craftwork made of plasticine on March 8, made with your own hands within the walls of a kindergarten or elementary school, will help your child turn an ordinary calendar day into a real holiday, painted with the fruits of children's creativity.

Crack on March 8 from plasticine

Crafts for March 8 from clay

We propose to create from clay not an ordinary craft - a miniature composition that can be hung on a wall or by becoming be on any flat surface. For its production, in addition to plasticine, you will need: an unnecessary CD, a stack, glue and the most simple (round), but bright glue rhinestones. With them, our craft on March 8 from plasticine will look more festive and interesting.

Let's go!

From a small piece of bright (for example,red) plasticine form a thin sausage.

 Roll out the sausage

Roll out the sausage

We make one edge a little more than the other.

We start to bend

We start to bend

Starting from the narrow edge, we turn the sausage like a snail shell.

Twisting eat sausage

spins sausage

The slightly flattened her curls. It turns out the basis (central part) of the flower.

 The core of the rosette has turned out

The core of the rosette has turned out

Now we tear off small pieces from plasticine, them balls and, flattening, turn them into petals. Petals make expanding upward.

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