Crochet Beads

Knitted ornaments are distinguished by their uniqueness and originality. In addition, they carry the energy of the person who connected them. Indeed, in each product there is the warmth of the hands and a piece of the master's soul. It is interesting to create similar products, because in most cases you do not fully know what the result will be. It is enough to shift the thread in a different way and the whole creation will play with new colors. It is no less pleasant to receive such a decoration as a gift. To make knitted beads you will need: 1. Cotton yarn. 2. Beads of two sizes. 3. Clasp magnet. 4. Waxed thread. 5. Old unnecessary chain of jewelry. 6. Super glue. 7. Hook 1.5.
 will be needed
For starters, let's start making knitted cord. To begin with, we'll get 6 air loops and tie them together to make a circle. And we will knit it in a circle. The main thing is not to miss a single loop, then the string will be uneven. We knit it to the required length. It all depends on your idea.You can tie a rather long cord and then it will be on your neck in several rows.
 we will be engaged in the manufacture of a knitted cord
 we will make knitted cord
 will be engaged in the manufacture of knitted cord

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