Crocus - the forerunner of spring

Caring for crocuses is not very difficult, but requires adherence to some rules. At home, primroses are recommended to be kept at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. In winter, the plants will be enough 10 degrees.
It is better to have pots with crocuses in well-lit places where they will be warmed by sunlight. In the shade the plants will not begin full development.
Crocuses should be watered abundantly and only in summer. In winter, the plant does not need to be moistened, and during the vegetative period, try to ensure a dry environment. Spraying spring beauties do not need.
Potted primroses prefer a primer that does not retain water. For planting crocuses are ideal light loam. You can add river sand or fine gravel to the soil, which will provide good drainage. Leaf ground or rotted manure will help to enrich the soil. Remember that crocuses do not tolerate acidic soils.
Transplantation is required annually with the onset of spring.To do this, it is recommended to use the following soil mixture: 1 part of sand, turf and leaf soil. At this time, inorganic liquid feed with a low content of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium is welcomed.

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