Cross Stitch


Cross-stitch embroidery design in art hoop-art

Cross-stitch making using hoop art

The best gift is a gift made with your own hands, is not it? In this master class, an excellent way of self-manufacturing such a gift with the help of the Hoop Art technique, which is sure to please, like beginner needlewomen,
Embroider a pair of gold lions

Embroider a pair of gold lions

If you want to please your loved one with a romantic picture embroidered with your own hands, we offer you an exclusive master class. List of materials: • Aida canal of the 14th account; • golden thread; • scheme; • needle; • scissors ...
A pair of lions: learn how to embroider a cross

A pair of lions: learning to embroider a cross

Cross-stitching is quite a painstaking and long exercise. It requires patience, perseverance, and a lot of free time. However, the end justifies the means: pictures embroidered with colorful threads, fascinate with their beauty. If

Bilateral Snow Maiden (Christmas tree toy)

Recently, embroidery has become one of the favorite ways to spend time with ladies, even young girls. A great way to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle - to create cute things from threads on fabric. A good alternative to fabric for making embroidered
The embroidered heart is a passionate proof of your love!

Embroidered heart - passionate proof of your love!

Do you have an anniversary of your relationship with your loved one, or do you choose a birthday surprise for him? Or maybe you want to surprise a loved one with an extraordinary and original gift for Valentine's Day? It is for such cases that we have a couple
Pillow with embroidery

Pillow with embroidery

Do you have a desire to please a loved one with a special gift? I wanted to make a very intimate and sensual gift to my beloved? Was the desire to invest the soul, feelings and warmth as a gift? There is a person you want to say for the first time
The memorial ribbon for Radonica

Memorial Ribbon for Radonits

After Easter, all Christians prepare for the bright day of Radonica. On this day, painted eggs and Easter cakes are left on the graves of deceased relatives. In addition, they leave any gifts and flowers - live or artificial. But you can decorate graves
Framing an embroidery

Embroidery Framing

Each embroiderer dreams of seeing his work in a worthy frame. It is not always possible to buy a ready-made frame, as the embroidered picture is usually obtained in a non-standard size. And ordering in a framing workshop is expensive. I have to look for
Beautiful embroidery in the

Beautiful embroidery in the Rococo style

I really love to embroider and try to constantly find new methods and styles. Recently discovered an amazing way of embroidery in the style of "Rococo". The picture is volumetric and very lively, which I was particularly pleased with.

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