Crown for the Snow Queen

To make the crown of the Snow Queen we need the following materials: - foam rubber - ballon with silver paint - knife cutting - needle silver sequins - white acrylic paint - silver satin ribbon - large beads a la pearl - rhinestones - decorative plastic snowflakes - tape measure Cut out the base of our crown. We make measurements: head circumference (30 cm), the height of the future product (the highest point - 25 cm). We make a triangle of paper, apply it to the foam, and translate the pattern of the crown - the characteristic teeth of different heights (total 7 teeth).
 Cut the crown base
 paper triangle
We cut the workpiece on the planned lines using a knife for cutting.  We cut out cooking
Next, paint the foundation with white acrylic paint on both sides, leave to dry for a day.We sew the product along the back fold.
 paint over the base
Proceed to the next step. We take a balloon with silver paint and apply frosty patterns, let it dry.
 we put frost patterns
We start decorating our crown for the Snow Queen. We take beads a la pearl and sew them along the edge of the teeth, then we attach the satin ribbon to the headband and fix the rhinestones.
 we sew beads
Armed with decorative snowflakes that we place on each pointed end of the crown. We start work with sequins, lay them out with a pattern on the front side of the crown and fix it with the help of the same thread with a needle. Our crown for the Snow Queen is ready.
 crown for the Snow Queen
If you have a white wig, then the image will turn out to be fabulous. In the New Year's Eve from such an ice beauty, no one can take your eyes off for sure. So go ahead!

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