Cucumber Canning


Canning process.

1. The first step is to prepare cucumbers. To do this, thoroughly wash out all the cucumbers under running water.
Canned cucumber
2. Next, cut the tails of cucumbers on both sides.
Canned cucumber
3. Then lay out the cucumbers in a large container. Then pour cucumbers with water so that they are completely covered. In this form, leave the cucumbers for at least 4 hours, but better at night. So cucumbers will get crunchy properties, and extra bitterness will come out of them.
Canned cucumbers
4. While cucumbers are drawn, it is necessary to prepare the remaining components for canning. First of all we wash and put cherry leaves on the bottom of the jar.
Canned cucumber
5. Next, clean the root of horseradish and tear it into small pieces.
Canned cucumbers
6. After that, put the pieces of horseradish in a jar.
Cucumber Preservation
7. Leaves my currants, sort out and also lay out in a jar.
Cucumber Preservation
8. To cucumbers received a rich flavor, dill umbrellas washed and cut into small pieces.
Canned cucumber
9. Pour dill umbrellas into a jar.

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