Cup stand

Original coasters under the mug can be made very quickly. Such a thing will decorate your own interior, and can also be an original gift. You will need: 1. Unnecessary CD. 2. Red gouache. 3. Transparent self-adhesive film. 4. Sheet of paper. 5. Scissors, compasses, simple pencil, brush, glue stick. 6. Black and white printer.
Stand for a mug
Work stages. 1. Using a brush, apply gouache on the edge of the disc.
Stand for a mug
Leave until the paint is completely dry. If you put a thick layer, then it takes an hour to dry. If you do not allow the paint to dry completely, it will smear when applied with glue. 2. While the paint is drying, print out a black and white picture or photo on the printer. You can also find pretty images on the Internet. We chose the image of Big Ben. Stand for a mug
If the image allows, then you can paint a few accents on the picture (for example, highlight a red flower, girl's lips, a handbag, etc.). Instead of these printed pictures, you can use photos or magazine clippings. 3. Attach a CD to the picture and circle. Using a compass, reduce the circumference by reducing the radius by 5 mm. Cut.
Stand under the mug
4. Glue the picture to the CD with glue-pencil. Glue can be applied both on paper and on the disc. Make sure the edges of the picture are firmly fixed on the disk.
 Stand for a mug
5. Now you need to protect the stand from moisture and dirt. To do this, remove the protective layer from the self-adhesive film and attach the disk with a picture on the sticky part.
 Support for a mug
Do everything very carefully: it will not work to redo it. If the film is bubbling, try to smooth it out. 6. Cut the film so that its edge slightly goes on the back side of the disk.The stand is ready.
 Stand for the cup
 Stand for a mug

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