Curtains to the nursery - a bright decoration of the room

For the first time, a child meets curtains when he begins to crawl. At first, it's just an interesting thing that you want to pull so much. Later, it acquires functionality and becomes a screen, behind which you can hide during games. Curtains protect from the bright sun by day and from the frightening darkness outside the window at night. Since curtains play a much larger role in the life of a little person than in adults, they must be chosen together, given their wide functionality.

What should be the curtains in the nursery

Curtains for a nursery should be made of natural materials, not be too dark, but rather dense. Fasteners to the eaves, you must choose such that the curtains are easily removed for washing. If the child is too small, then for the children's room it is worth choosing fasteners on velcro or on clothespins.It is most safe if he wants to hang on the curtain, then the child will simply pull it off the eaves. An excellent solution will be a shortened curtain, the length of which will reach the window sill. It is possible to secure the prank with the help of roller or Roman blinds.

How to choose curtains in the nursery

There is a misconception that curtains should balance the overall design of the room, i.e. bright curtains are relevant in the rooms of pastel colors and vice versa. However, this is fundamentally wrong, especially when it comes to children's room. Here, this interior detail is no less important than the furniture. If the game modules, bed and textiles are bright, then the curtains should be in harmony. In the boy’s children's room, superheroes, cars, or stars of unexplored space galaxies can flaunt on the curtain. Girls' rooms can be decorated with fairies or princesses, fabulous flowers or cute kittens.
If the nursery is made in neutral, pastel colors, then it is better to choose curtains without bright prints. Preference can be given to plain curtains or one that has small embroidery elements or delicate, abstract patterns.In the design of the princess's room should use lambrequins, ruffles and brushes.

Little about the cornice

The main requirement for the bottom of the children's room is safety, it must have reliable fasteners. Modern cornices for children's rooms are not only safe, but also have the original design. Their tips adorn the stars, hearts and fairy-tale characters. Bright elements perfectly fit into the nursery and emphasize the cheerful disposition of its owner.

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