Cute Bunny Sock

I offer your attention a very simple projectBunny from a sock, which can be both a toy and a cute decoration. The bunny can be made independently or with your children, they will like it.

Materials and tools:

  1. sock;
  2. rice;
  3. glue;
  4. scissors;
  5. eyes;
  6. other ornaments.

Step 1

In the first stage, fill the sock with rice. Be sure to ensure that there is enough rice inside, but not very much so that you can dress a sock so that your body and head are turned out.

And so, the rice was poured, now we tie up the sock with thread from the top, and also divide the sock into two parts: the head and body of the bunny, and we tie it with thread.

We cut off the upper part of the sock, but so that the remaining length is enough for the ears. Cut the rest in half - the ears are ready.

Glue the eye and tie the little one.Bunnyis ready.

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