Cystitis in pregnant women: causes, symptoms, treatment


Inflamed bladder: symptoms

During pregnancy, the risk of developing cystitis increases. The reason for this lies in the physiological characteristics of the female body: the urinary canal is close to the rectum, so the risk of infection in it is always very high. In the period of childbearing, the likelihood of this is further increased under the influence of hormonal changes in the body. The pressure of the growing uterus on the kidneys and bladder can cause a disturbance in the normal flow of urine from the body, and if an infection joins, the inflammation rises, and the kidneys suffer. In this case, they will not be able to perform their functions normally and filter the blood, purifying it from toxins.

Pain when urinating is a sign of acute cystitis, i.e. inflammation of the bladder. Its occurrence is associated with hypothermia.In some cases, the cause of cystitis may be exacerbation of urolithiasis or medical manipulation, as well as the ingress of harmful microorganisms in the urinary tract.

The main signs of acute cystitis are frequent urge to urinate, but attempts to "go off in a small way" cause sharp pains, and there is little excretion of urine, one or two drops. At the same time, discomfort persists, which increases discomfort. Cystitis in pregnant women requires special treatment, because the infection that has spread through the urinary tract can damage the normal course of pregnancy, and complications can develop that can damage both the mother and the baby.

Treatment of acute cystitis

It is better to start treatment as soon as possible. Be sure to contact your doctor in the antenatal clinic and describe your complaints: the doctor will be able to prescribe treatment, will control the course of the disease over time and will be able to react in time to the complications that appear.

At the beginning of the disease, women are recommended bed rest, strict adherence to a salt-free diet, and abundant drinking. Recommended passive heat: you need to wrap the lower back, keep your feet warm.You can rub them with alcoholic solutions or pour dry mustard into your socks. Decoction of medicinal diuretic herbs: chamomile, kidney tea, knotweed are welcome. Especially recommended to drink cranberry and cranberry juice, warm tea with lemon.

In addition, according to the testimony, uroseptics and antispasmodics are prescribed. It is extremely reluctant for doctors to prescribe antibiotics and sulfa drugs in the treatment of cystitis in pregnant women - this can cause pathology in the development of the fetus, but with a combination of indications and severity of the disease, this method of treatment is also possible.

Sexual life for the period of treatment of cystitis must be abandoned. Analyzes of the pathogenic microflora should also be taken by the spouse of the woman, in case a deviation in his analyzes is revealed, he should also be treated.

In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the use of antibacterial drugs is allowed, in contrast to the initial stage of pregnancy. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe one of the following drugs: Cefaclor, Cefuroxime, Axetil.

As a rule, doctors try to hospitalize a woman with inflammation of the bladder so that the treatment is carried out under their supervision.With timely treatment, uncomplicated acute cystitis in women can be cured within three days without any special consequences for the body.

Preventing inflammation of the bladder in pregnant women

A woman who is preparing to have a baby should be very responsible when planning a pregnancy. It is necessary to pre-treat existing diseases, sanitize the oral cavity, and pass tests for latent infections. A habit of emptying the bladder in time can be very important in order to avoid urine stagnation.

Do not forget that acute and chronic cystitis is a serious danger for the most pregnant woman and future baby, which can complicate the course of both pregnancy and childbirth and cause illness of the newborn.

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