Decoupage Gift

It’s not so difficult to do an original thing using the decoupage technique. They all have unnecessary banks, and in fact if you make a little effort, this simple thing will become an exclusive gift. For creativity, you need a few materials that are completely accessible. If something is not enough, you can buy. The cost will still be lower than when buying a ready-made gift, which is likely to be fashionable and necessary, but definitely not so soulful.
Gift in decoupage technique

List of materials: • Bank plastic (from balsam); • Sandpaper (fine-grained); • PVA glue; • • Patterned napkin; • Degreasing liquid (something alcohol-containing); • Sponge for dishes. • Acrylic primer (can be replaced with acrylic paint). • Acre lacquer (without a sharp smell). • Brush (synthetic). • Beads. • Adhesive for beads. • Satin ribbon. How to prepare a jar To make your own hand made decoupage look professional,will have to comply with all the necessary steps. The first step is to prepare the surface: remove the stickers, clean the dry clean jar. Any alcohol or nail liquid will do. After that, it is advisable not to touch the outer surface of the jar with your hands, or re-wipe it.
 How to prepare a jar
Sanding is also necessary, otherwise the ground will have to be applied much longer. It is necessary to walk with a fine sandpaper over the entire surface, especially carefully treat the bends, wipe off the dust with a damp cloth.
 How to prepare a jar
PrimerThe jar is ready for processing. The soil is sold in art stores, it is inexpensive. You can replace the white acrylic paint, but it is more liquid, which will increase the time. You need to apply more layers to achieve uniformity.
You need at least 2 layers, each must be thoroughly dried, otherwise a thing made using decoupage technique with your own hands will turn out to be sloppy.For convenience, the primer can be cast into another container in order not to carry dirt, which can then end up on the work surface. It is necessary to apply not very much, on the first layer will look through the bank, it is not scary. It is important to let the primer dry completely and then continue. Subsequent layers will hide all the shortcomings. Their number varies, we must continue until the result is not satisfied. The drips must be sanded, level the surface as best as possible. Before you apply a napkin, it is necessary to cover the bank with varnish. Otherwise, the tissue will fold, the work will look messy. -gruntovka.jpg "alt =" Primer "title =" Primer ">
Acrylic lacquer can be purchased in the department of construction products, any. You can use the usual varnish, if there are no problems with tolerance of smell. Many layers are not needed, 1-2 is enough. The brush immediately needs to be cleaned and wiped with a dry cloth. Working with a napkin The choice of pictures is very exciting and creative. It is not necessary to use large fragments of motifs, you can use several small ones.  Choice of pictures In this case, took a few roses that occupy almost the entire front part of the can,and one more for the cover.
 Cut fragment
 took a few roses
You should wet the cut fragment with water in the center, and gradually smooth it napkin to the edge with a brush or fingers.
 blow out air bubbles
The main goal is to drive out air bubbles, trying to prevent the formation of folds.
It is important to avoid sudden movements and strong pressure, or thin paper will tear. To fasten a napkin, most often use PVA glue. It is necessary to apply also from the center, it is possible densely, after drying the glue will not be visible. Then the product must be dried. It can be done at room temperature without using a hairdryer.
 other materials
The napkin is finally fixed with a varnish, it will take up to 30 layers to level the edges of the motifs. But if a thing in the decoupage technique is done with your own hands as a gift to a loved one who will not find fault with the “step” at the edge of the picture, 3-5 layers are enough.Acrylic lacquer when applied has a milky color, it is normal, as it dries it becomes transparent. Decorating
The roof was also primed and stuck motive. But why not use other materials that are on hand? It can be the remains of beads, rhinestones, fimo. I found beads of different colors. Beads arranged in random order. The adhesive will fit any brand if it is universal.
 A gift in the decoupage technique
I made a bow from a narrow satin ribbon and glued strips at the joints , but it is possible to do with some beads. The best gift is the one that was made with a soul!
 Gift in decoupage technique
Gift in decoupage technique
Using decoupage, they turned a jar from under a hair mask into a unique piece of furniture. You can store hairpins, souvenirs, jewelry in it.
 A gift in decoupage technique
The flight of the author’s imagination is not limited by anything,it is not necessary to adhere to certain rules or copy someone's work in exactly the same way. Although the technology should not be violated yet, so that the work is not in vain.
 Gift in decoupage technique
But the most important thing is that such a gift will make a deep impression , because the author has spent a lot of time and effort to produce it, therefore, really tried to please a person close to him.

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