Delicious cherry liqueur at home

Making homemade fruit liqueurs from berries is a great way to preserve the aromas and mood of summer. Cherry is not a cheap product, but it is worth buying a couple of kilograms to make a delicious strong drink out of it. How to make cherry liqueur? There are many recipes, you can try several at once.

cherry liqueur at home
Cherry liqueur at home
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Cherry600 gramsBrandy600 gramsSugar100 grams
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:25 minutes

Dutch cherry liqueur at home

It is very easy to make sweet spirits from cherries. This berry is naturally so fragrant that the aroma of the finished liqueur will be no different from factory products. For the Dutch recipe you will need the following products:

· Pitted cherries - 600 g;

· High-quality brandy or cognac - 600 g;

· Sugar - 100 g

If desired, a pinch of cloves, cinnamon or nutmeg can be added.

Cherries prick with a fork and put in a glass jar. Pour 400 g of brandy (cognac), so as to cover all the berries. Leave to infuse for a month. Then squeeze and filter. Add 200 g of brandy and sugar. Stir to dissolve sugar. Leave until a precipitate falls.

Hot Cherry: Liquor on Vodka

To prepare this option, the drink will take 8 months. Ingredients Required:

· Cherry with pits - 450 g;

· Vodka - 710 ml;

· Sugar - 350 g

Instead of vodka, you can take 1.5 glasses of pure alcohol, diluted with 1.5 glasses of water.

Cherry is put in a jar, add vodka, tightly screw the lid on and shake. The whole month the mixture should be infused. Every day the jar is shaken. Then add sugar, stir until it dissolves. Again leave for a month, once a week, mixed. Filter the mixture, leave only the liquid, pour it into the bottle. After 3 months, filter through gauze. Add sugar if needed. It is advisable to insist liquor 3 more months before drinking. This drink can give almond flavor. To do this, a third of the total number of cherries smash with a hammer and mixed with whole berries.

What drink cherry liqueur

Ruby red cherry drink is a digestif. This means that it should be served at the end of lunch or dinner. Sweet and sour taste and fruit aroma are well suited to desserts. Classic serve - with macaroons, vanilla ice cream, cherry cake. Fruit salads made from strawberries, cherries and raspberries are perfectly combined with the drink.

The French dilute the cherry drink with sparkling white wine, and the Americans - with sparkling water.

Cookbooks contain several dozen cherry liqueur recipes with photos. This beautiful and romantic digestif is popular all over the world. It is served chilled in small glasses, decorated with fresh or candied cherries.

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