Design solutions in the design of the room

We are already accustomed to the fact that plastic windows usually have a white profile that universally looks in almost any room. However, is it necessary to limit yourself to only this color if you want to revive the interior of the apartment and add a special highlight to it? Not at all! Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of decorative films for lamination of windows that face the surface of the profile. To create a new type of window, a multilayer film of a certain color is applied on the surface of the window profile. The process of its application is made under the influence of high pressure and temperature, so that manufacturers create a durable and reliable coating. Depending on the wishes of customers, the profile can be laminated not only on one side, but also on both sides - it will be cheaper than regular surface painting.

Large selection of colors for lamination profile

Neat lamination not only harmonizes the window into the original interior of the room, but also protects the surface of the profile from temperature extremes, direct sunlight and mechanical impact. Even the windows facing the sunny side will maintain their color for many years.

Hthe most popular option for laminating a profile is wood-like textures. They will perfectly fit both in classic interior design and in more modern ideas. Plastic windows from leading manufacturers can be covered with films that mimic almost any tree species! With various options for a similar window decoration, you can visit the Forbis Windows website in theProfile Laminationand PVC Windows


For small rooms, light and light shades are better suited, for country houses and spacious rooms, you can stop on lamination under a dark tree.

Rooms with designer renovation, premises for cafes, studios and other establishments for bright personalities can be to diversify the windows with colored PVC-profile. In this case, the choice of films is amazing! This is a large range of colors, ranging from soft pastel shades to dark shades and pure black.

A couple of important nuances ...

When ordering colored windows, the standard white construction is covered with a film using special glue and equipment. You can get a good result by ordering ready-made windows directly from the manufacturer.

If necessary, specialists are ready to laminate the profile on both sides. However, the future owner needs to remember that not all houses can have windows of the desired color - it is better to familiarize yourself with the law and agree on this point.

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