Designer box from an old book

How often in the house, with general cleaning, you can find unnecessary things, or trash, as we call it. However, do not rush and get rid of, at first glance, not unnecessary items. All over the world recognized the art of "trash art". And at first glance, trash can turn into not only a beautiful thing, but also a practical one, which will serve you and please the eye. Believe me, all ingenious is simple. For example, I, cleaning up on the mezzanines, where the mistresses do not often look, found an old, unnecessary book. She turned it in her hands and decided to try to make an artistic, designer casket out of it. I will share the experience. For work I needed the following materials: - the old book; - corrugated cardboard; - toilet paper - cardboard - the belt with buckle; - lace; - satin ribbon; - PVA glue; - silicone glue; - gouache; - mother-of-pearl paints; - magnet;
And you also need brushes, scissors, clerical knife, ruler, kitchen sponge, awl.The first thing to do is disassemble the old book, that is, separate the cover from the pages. It is advisable to do this as carefully as possible, so as not to damage the binding.
disassemble the old book
Now let's get down to the corrugated cardboard, use a clerical knife to cut the cardboard into strips 1.5-2 -2 cm wide.
parse the old book
On one side of our cover, which will serve as the bottom of the future casket, paste two strips of cardboard on opposite sides. Give it a fight. From above, also on the opposite sides paste the following two strips. Cases of the height of the binder with a binding.  paste the following strips
The front side of the cover is covered with gouache and allowed to dry. After drying, we lubricate the PVA glue abundantly.
 cover it with gouache and let it dry
Take toilet paper
We are well remembered,we crumple into a ball
Thoroughly promin
Then we unfold the ball and get crumpled paper, glue it to the front side of our future jewelry box, leaving wrinkles and folds.
maximize the ball
With the help of the kitchen sponge, we impregnate our wrinkles with PVA glue on top and set it to dry.  soak our wrinkles After drying out with black gouache carefully, without gaps cover the cover. Every wrinkle and crease should be painted over.
 cover the cover
Again we send our product to dry, and in the meantime we will deal with the decorative elements of our casket. Cut out holders from ordinary cardboard and cut them out with brown and orange gouache, creating a rust effect.
Let's get into the decorative elements
We cut the strap by the volume of the book and about in the middle (at will) pierce the hole and insert itbuckle.
Crop the belt
While we were doing the finishing elements, the cover dried and is ready for further work. Pearlescent paints, without pressing a surface. That is, only the tops of wrinkles and folds are painted.
Pearl paints
Sushim. Now we undertake the interior decoration. First, paint the base. I used blue gouache.
 we take on the interior decoration
After drying, lay the lace on the base and cover it with PVA glue. This is necessary not only to glue lace to the base, but also to strengthen all the casket designs.  richly glue with glue taped. We get this look here.
 Designer casket from an old book
The final step will be to decorate the cover with prepared elements and glue the magnet.And voa la!
 Designer casket from an old book
Imagine, create and amaze yourself and others. Good luck!

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