Did you know what this piece of Chinese sticks is for? All ingenious is simple!

In the modern world, almost every now and then picks up Chinese sticks. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of Chinese cuisine or prefer to indulge in sushi, you try to “conquer” these wooden sticks.

How do we act when we pick up this device? We divide them into two separate sticks and proceed, in fact, to the very meal. But one moment we lose sight of.

Have you ever wondered what these two rectangular “columns” are at the ends of both sticks? It turns out that they have their own purpose!


No, these bars are not made to hold the wand together for a while. And this is not a production error. Their purpose you will see in the picture below:


Yes, these posts must be separated from the sticks themselves and placed on the table. Every time you want to drink some water or suddenly leave,you put the sticks on this stand. The table remains clean!

In restaurants, a higher class will bring you more impressive sticks. They also have their own stand.

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