Diet planning



Protein is readily available from eggs and dairy products, nuts, soybeans, raisins, and leguminous crops. But a vegetarian should make sure that he gets a sufficient set of essential amino acids with each meal. It’s not hard if you eat eggs and dairy products: combinations such as cereals and milk, bread and milk, or bread and eggs give good sets of amino acids. But vegans are left to rely on soybeans or carefully planned vegetable combinations. These include: lentil soup and hard bread with chaff or beans and rice (one and a half cups of beans for 4 cups of rice have a protein equivalent to 350 grams of meat).


Vitamins that require special attention when planning a vegetarian diet:


  1. Cobalamin (vitamin B12) is available from dairy products and yeast, as well as in synthetic form, which is especially useful for vegans;
  2. Vitamin D vegans also need to be taken in synthetic form where there is little sunlight. Iron and calcium are also worth mentioning, as they are sometimes lacking even in the diet of people consuming meat.But there are many plant sources for their production.


Iron is contained in a suit, lentils, wheat sprouts, plums, spinach and other greens, as well as in bread, eggs and yeast.

Calcium can be found in dairy products, dried fruits, soybeans, sesame seeds and greens.

True anorexia nervosa1 has been described as “volitional weight loss through starvation.”


Symptoms and behavior

Fasting begins when a person is or considers himself too fat. It develops into a persistent fear of obesity and continues until the moment of extreme exhaustion (rarely recognized as sick).


Background and causes

Anorexia nervosa and its causes are extremely complex. Often this is due to stress, such as family tension, difficulties in learning, and sexual preoccupation in childhood. To such a person it may seem that he cannot control anything except his body.


Many anorexic people suffer from an overwhelming sense of inferiority. Prolonged fasting and refusal of food seem to be a gesture of independence, perhaps from unnecessarily demanding parents, if slimness of the body seems desirable.


All people have a distorted view of the proportions of their body, but if a normal person underestimates the appearance of his face or the size of his chest and hips, while slightly overestimating his waist size, the Anorexic strongly overestimates each of his parameters, even having already reached a severe depletion.


This disease is characterized by bouts of excessive overeating (“gluttony”), usually with any available food, followed by deliberate cleansing of the body through vomiting or laxatives. (In a less powerful form, known as “bulimia with exercises,” enhanced exercises are used to burn calories instead of cleaning).


Bulimia can coexist with anorexia nervosa and permanently undermine health, although it is hardly fatal. The root causes and treatment for bulimia and anorexia are similar.



The treatment of anorexia and bulimia has moved away from such techniques as enhanced bed rest and drug therapy. Most treatment methods involve coercion to eat before reaching a certain weight or strong motivation to achieve some goals in gaining weight, but are accompanied by psychotherapy.

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