Postcard "Ladybugs" with your own hands

Go on a birthday to the child, then this master class will help to make a very unusual and original gift with your own hands. In addition, such an odd job can be done by parents with their children. To complete the postcard you need to prepare: 1. Cardboard A4 saturated green; 2. Designer cardboard of a green shade with any pattern; 3. Glue, scissors, simple pencil, tool for quilling, tweezers; 4. Paper for quilling - red, black, white. Green A4 paperboard bend in half, gently pressing on the bend. This will be the basis for the postcard. From the design cardboard, you need to cut out the number 4. To do this, on the back of the cardboard, you need to draw the outlines of the figure inside out with a pencil, so that when you cut it out into the colored area, you get the number 4. Then carefully cut out the element and use attach glue to a green base.
postcard Ladybugs
Take the red quilling paper, glue two strips 40 cm long with glue.We form a tight roll tool for quilling.
postcard Ladybugs
Dab the edge with glue, fix it.
Ladybirds postcard
Give the resulting roll a semicircular shape, gently pressing it with one finger on one side. Thus it turns out "shell" for a ladybug. We fix the element by lubricating it from the inside with glue.
Ladybirds Postcard
Smaller elements (from two strips) should be two, and larger ones - three (from three strips).
Postcard Ladybugs
Take a black quilling paper no longer than 15 cm and use the tool to form a roll.
postcard of Ladybirds
We give it a semi-circular shape, as in the photo. This will be the head of a ladybug.
Greeting card of Ladybirds
Strip of black quilting paper is cut along two equal strips. We measure on 2,5 cm and cut into 5 segments, each of which we bend in half, then twist the edges with a tool for quilling.Thus, the "antennae" of the ladybird are obtained. In the same way, we perform "paws", which are twisted only on one side. There should be 10 such elements.
postcard of ladybugs
Now we connect with the glue the trunk and head of each Ladybug. We fasten the antennae to the ladybirds. It is better to do this with tweezers, as the elements are quite tiny and it will be difficult to do it with your hands.
Ladybirds postcard
Five ladybirds are almost ready.
postcard of ladybugs
Now we attach two legs to each of them, which should be six in each. postcard of ladybugs
We cut the white paper for the quilling along, we cut the pieces 3 cm long. From each segment, carefully form the rolls with the quilling tool. It will be the eyes of ladybirds. Fasten with the help of glue the eyes of every ladybug.
card Ladybirds
Ladybirds are ready.
postcard Ladybugs
With the help of glue we fasten the received elements on the basis of the postcard.You can place them randomly at your discretion on the number or area of ​​the very basis of the postcard.
card Ladybugs
The original, bright, colorful card with your own hands is ready!
postcard Ladybugs
card ladybirds

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